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Oil Change Services in Edmonton, AB

The motor in your vehicle consists of many parts, constantly moving and rubbing against each other. If you want to ensure good engine health, taking care of your engine oil is a great place to start. There are three key functions of the oil in your engine:
  1. Engine oil keeps the engine lubricated, so the engine parts can continue to work and rub against each other efficiently, without wearing out.
  2. Thousands of controlled explosions inside your engine mean it can become extremely hot. Engine oil helps draw heat away from the combustion chamber.
  3. Engine Oil helps prevent carbon and varnish buildup in the engine, keeping it clean for the improved use and long-term health of your vehicle.

Don't Burn Out Your Engine

Due to the high temperatures inside of car engines, engine oil breaks down and becomes less effective the more it's used. Meaning, your engine will become less lubricated while moving parts create more friction, leading to overheating and potential damage. If you forget to change your oil, carbon deposits (sludge) may build-up in the cooler parts of the engine. Excess sludge is dangerous to your engine health, and could result in a costly repair in the future. The longer you go without changing your oil, the harder it is on your engine. Not to fear, our expert staff at Alberta Honda is trained to help you out!

How Often Do I Need to Change My Oil?

It's suggested that most vehicles have their oil changed every three months or 8,000 km (5,000 miles), but you should always factor in weather, terrain, and what vehicle you drive. A good rule to follow is changing your oil in the fall to prep for the harsh winter, and in spring for hot summer driving. The type of car you drive also affects how often you may need to change your oil and we'll know the recommendations for your specific model and trim at our service department.
It's easy to keep your engine healthy, by regularly changing your oil and other fluids. For the best in Honda service and maintenance, look no further than Alberta Honda! We offer our Express Quick Lube lane to get your oil changed, with no appointment necessary. Come get support from our experienced service staff over at 9525 127 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5E 6M7. For any other questions, feel free to simply give us a call at 780-474-8595, or stop by; Alberta Honda is open 7 days a week.