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We have the Honda parts Edmonton drivers need. Check out Honda auto parts at Alberta Honda.

How can I contact you to get Honda parts?

Here at Alberta Honda, our Parts Department has the Honda parts Edmonton drivers need to keep their Hondas running like new. Get a quote from our online parts request page, or call our Parts experts at 780 474 4444 Then, contact our Service Department to have your Honda parts installed.


What kind of oil should I get? Does Honda have its own brand of oil?

Absolutely! Honda offers its own line of oils in formulations like 5W-20, 5W-30, and 0W-20. For instance, the 0W-20 full synthetic formula circulates efficiently even at the lowest temperatures and can be used in most model years of Hondas. You can also get other brands of oil too if you prefer. Ask our parts experts which oil is best for your Honda.


What about other fluids?

Honda makes those, too, and we have them. Plus, we carry a full line of fluids from other leading brands. Your automatic transmission fluid (or hydraulic clutch fluid in manual transmissions) should be replaced at recommended service intervals. Brake fluid should be replaced every 3 years.


What kind of oil filter should I buy?

We recommend Genuine Honda oil filters. Your oil filter is critical to protecting your engine, and you'll want a filter manufactured to Honda's specifications. You should change your oil filter when you change your oil.


What kind of tires should I buy?

Use our online Tire Wizard to find the best tires for your year and model of Honda, and then come on in to Alberta Honda to have them installed. And remember, we perform FREE tire repairs with all tires we sell!


Can I get winter tires, and is it time for them?

We know this can be one of the most confusing and pressing questions for car owners, especially as the cold weather looms. Well, we have a whole web page that addresses just that issue! You'll find out when to change your tires and more.


Should I get Honda brakes?

Honda carefully engineers its brakes to meet the highest standards for performance, safety, and reliability. When it's time for new brakes, insist on Genuine Honda Parts. Plus, Honda's replacement brakes come with a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee.


Should I get Honda wiper blades?

You'll discover something great when it's time for new wiper blades: Honda designs its wiper blades so you only need to change the rubber insert and not the whole blade. We'll help you choose the right size Genuine Honda rubber insert for your model.


What other parts do you carry?

The short answer is: everything. From the tiniest light bulbs to performance accessories, we have the parts your Honda needs. This includes Genuine Honda cabin air filters, engine air filters, drive belts, and timing belts, along with batteries that are made to your Honda's electrical specifications.