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Honda Safety Technology in Edmonton, Alberta

Modern technology has changed our lives in countless ways. It has become a part of almost every facet of our daily lives. If we recall the advancements in cell phone technology when they were only used for making calls to what they are capable of doing now. Vehicles can now do much more than drive and park. In recent years the automotive industry has partnered with major technology companies to provide the most advanced, comfortable, and safest vehicles on the road. Honda has utilized these partnerships to offer technology to everyday automotive consumers, and at Alberta Honda, we're proud to offer the latest Honda vehicles at competitive prices to our valued customers in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Beaumont, Devon, Stony Plain, and surrounding areas in Alberta. In our impressive lineup, you'll find an advanced suite of collision-avoidance and driver-assistive technologies called HondaSensing. Let's take a deep dive into the world of Honda safety innovation designed with the driver and passenger in mind.

Honda Safety

As we progress towards the future, the development of new technologies that do more than just protecting occupants in a collision are progressing. Our end goal is to create a society where we can eliminate the potential for collisions. Advanced vehicle sensing, artificial intelligence, and vehicle connectivity technology creates a safer, and more responsive vehicle for our consumer's needs, from Honda's design of Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structures in all vehicles to conducting virtual and real-world tests at two of the world's most advanced crash-test facilities. Honda has positioned itself as a leader in automotive safety technology. Below we are proud to explain some of the Honda Technology you can find in our latest Honda lineup on our lot.


Collision Mitigation Braking System


The Collision Mitigation Braking System uses a front-mounted radar and a rear-mounted camera to monitor what is happening in front and behind the vehicle. In any instance where the system believes a collision is probable, it notifies the driver through visual and audio cues. If there are no corrective measures taken, the driver will be alerted again through visual and audio alerts. At this point, light braking is applied; if the driver doesn't correct course, the system will apply maximum braking.

Lane Keeping Assist System

Lane Keeping Assist System


Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) utilizes a front-mounted camera that recognizes lane divisions. It can proactively help keep your Honda within the detected lane and alert the driver if it begins to drift. If the driver fails to use the indicator and decides to switch lanes, the system will operate as it should; however, if the indicator is used, LKAS goes into standby. The system has the ability also to tug the vehicle back into the lane if both audio and visual warnings are ignored.


Road Departure Mitigation


At first glance, it may seem that Lane Keeping Assist System is quite similar to Road Departure Mitigation. However, we need to understand better how they operate. LKAS helps the driver avoid crossing over the centre line into oncoming traffic. In contrast, Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) utilizes the same camera to execute a similar function. Instead of stopping the vehicle from drifting over the centre lane, RDM helps your Honda from crossing over onto the shoulder. Both systems work together to help keep you on your desired path.


Adaptive Cruise Control


For those who frequently spend time on Canadian highways, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a must-have feature. ACC utilizes a radar system, as well as the windshield, mounted camera, which detects the vehicle ahead. Once the system is set at a desired speed and distance interval, your Honda will keep the distance interval even if the vehicle in front travels at a slower speed then the one which you set. If the vehicle in front moves from the system's range, your Honda will increase its speed according to the one which you set.

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