Brake Service at Alberta Honda

Maintain your brakes with expert service from our Alberta Honda technicians!

How Brakes Work

Your vehicle is built up of a variety of systems that work together to ensure it runs efficiently and safely. Chief among these systems is the braking system, which is the most important one when it comes to safety. You might have a vague idea for how brakes work, but at Alberta Honda we're here to explain exactly how they work in specific detail. The pedal connects to a power booster that transfers force to the vehicle's master cylinder when pushed. This force pushes brake fluid through each wheel cylinder, applying pressure through a brake pad on the rotors of each wheel, slowing the vehicle down. Of course, this is a lot of work, and as a system you use multiple times when driving, it tends to wear down quite often. Everything from the brake pads and callipers to the rotors and brake lines needs servicing, so keep the entire system in working order through uniform maintenance by servicing them at Alberta Honda.

When to Come in for Brake Service?

Although regular brake service is recommended around every 25,000 km, you should always be checking your brakes and watching out for anything abnormal. Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and vital for safety, so play it safe if you think something is wrong and reach out to our Honda service department. If you notice things like a squealing sound coming from your brakes, a spongy feeling when you engage them, or see something as obvious as an indicator light in your dash, bring your vehicle into us. Brakes wear down with just typical use, but can also break down exponentially depending on your type of driving, so always keep watch on its conditions.

Brake Service in Edmonton, AB

Properly functioning brakes protect you and your passengers from sudden stops and regular braking. Don't risk issues with your brakes and get them serviced from our Honda maintenance team. Booking an appointment us at our Alberta Honda dealership is as simple as filling out the quick form below. If you want to see us in person, or talk to one of our Honda service staff members, visit us at 9525 127 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5E 6M7 or give us a call at 780-474-8595 for more information.