Is the Honda Fit FWD or AWD?The Honda Fit is a FWD drive vehicle, engineered and perfected as a top choice for city driving. Compact and peppy, the Fit is in better shape than ever for 2019, prioritizing its urban-style design, function and safety features for all of your commuting and errand runs. How does the Honda Fit as a FWD vehicle stack up against the other AWD Honda models, and what separates FWD and AWD? Read on below as we dive into it all, from your top Edmonton Honda dealer, Alberta Honda!

What's the Difference Between FWD and AWD?
FWD means front-wheel drive and AWD means all-wheel drive. We often see acronyms thrown around in the automotive world and you can be remiss if you don't entirely understand exactly what they mean. FWD is most popular on new vehicles, as the drivetrain favoured to the front means they succeed at driving up hills and when the road is slippery. FWD takes up less space in the vehicle and is cheaper to manufacture, which lets front-wheel drive vehicles stay at a great price, especially evidenced by the 2019 Honda Fit, starting at only $15,590! All-wheel drive, on the other hand, distributes consistent power to all four wheels, dependent on its current needs. The system works to divert power to the wheel that requires it the most. AWD vehicles are best for those who drive over constantly changing terrain or in oft unpredictable weather environments. At the end of the day it all comes down to your specific needs, and what you need your vehicle for. Just sticking to ho-hum city driving? FWD is more than enough. Need to be prepared for changing road conditions? Maybe an upgrade to AWD is what you need.

What Honda Models are AWD?
All-Wheel Drive vehicles are the ones needed for those who constantly find themselves in less than desirable conditions that demand the most of your Honda's traction. Living in Edmonton, we encounter these environments more often than not, it's what winter driving demands after all. If you need a little more out of the functionality that the Honda Fit offers, explore models in our Honda lineup that do offer AWD utility. The following vehicles represent the All-Wheel Drive segment of Honda:
These are some of the larger vehicles in the Honda lineup, covering both Honda SUVs and trucks, ones primed for off-road adventure. Maybe the Honda Fit is perfect for you, or you might not ever want or need to venture into less-than-favourable conditions. But if you do, take a look at these Honda stalwarts, and standouts across their segments in AWD utility.
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