Vehicle Warranty - Frequently Asked Question

Vehicle Warranty - Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Warranty-Frequently Asked Questions

Honda is proud to not only offer some of the most advanced vehicles on the road, but a warranty that provides automotive consumers with peace of mind knowing their vehicle is backed by one of the best in the industry. At Alberta Honda, we have a large selection of new vehicles that features Honda's unparallel warranty coverage. Even though warranty coverage is relatively straightforward, questions do arise; please continue reading to find answers to frequently asked questions.

1. I experienced a problem within the warranty period but did not have time to report it to my Honda dealership before the warranty expired. Can I still get my vehicle repaired under the terms of the warranty?

The warranty on any new vehicle is valid for a fixed time or distance. Suppose you recognize an issue within the warranty period but fail to report it to your local service centre. In that case, the issue will not be accepted after the warranty period has expired. However, you can still take your vehicle to your local Honda service centre, and they may be able to provide some assistance.

2. I had a part replaced under the terms of the vehicle's warranty just before the warranty expired. Does the warranty on that part start over again?

Any part that is replaced under warranty will not have its coverage extended. It will be covered by the original warranty, which starts when the vehicle is put into service.

3. Are parts and accessories priced the same at all Honda dealerships?

Not necessarily. There is indeed a manufacturer's suggested retail price, but independent dealers are able to price parts at their own discretion.

4. Why should I go to a Honda Dealer for an accident repair?

Your preferred Honda dealer is the best option for all your maintenance and repair needs. They know your vehicle inside and out and have access to OEM parts and OEM-trained technicians.

5. Is there any warranty on tires with a New Honda?

The warranty coverage on your new Honda is honored by the tire manufacturer.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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