Oil & Fluid Change Service in Edmonton, AB

Oil & Fluid Change Service in Edmonton, AB - Alberta Honda

Oil & Fluid Change Service in Edmonton, AB

Shopping and purchasing a vehicle from our new inventory is always an exciting time, but it's very important to keep up with maintenance to avoid mishaps down the road. Vehicles have various systems vital to their operation, and there are fluids to keep those systems operating correctly. Neglecting to change fluids on time can cause easily preventable damage, so don't wait to visit our Service Centre at Alberta Honda for maintenance.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is vital to keep internal components lubricated while serving to cool the engine for optimal performance and longevity. When oil degrades and breaks down, it loses its ability to protect the engine against friction, resulting in higher temperatures that damage internal components. Be sure to follow the owner's manual intervals for oil changes or the Maintenance Minder system if your Honda has it equipped.

Engine Antifreeze/Coolant

The engine in your vehicle utilizes coolant to keep temperatures down during drives, allowing you to continue driving with great reliability. Most coolants today have antifreeze within their formula, allowing your coolant to flow even during freezing temperatures while serving to prevent rust from forming inside the engine cooling channels. However, the various coolant properties degrade over time, making it vital to follow fluid change intervals.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Like engine oil, the transmission also has its fluid to lubricate and cool down components, but it can degrade and lose its properties due to friction inside the transmission. It's very important to keep up with automatic transmission fluid change intervals to keep your transmission running optimally and allows a professional to inspect various hoses, pipes, cooler, and more.

Brake Fluid

Your vehicle's brakes use hydraulic pressure to apply force onto the braking components, allowing you to enjoy a predictable and firm braking performance. However, the brake fluid tends to absorb moisture from the ambient surroundings, making it important to replace the fluid every three years.

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Many fluids keep your vehicle's vital systems operating at their best but don't wait until there's a problem to change them since that could mean that damage has already occurred. Contact us to book an appointment for service and ensure that your vehicle is getting the maintenance it needs to avoid premature failures.

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