Honda Payment Protection in Edmonton, Alberta

Honda Payment Protection in Edmonton, Alberta

Honda Payment Protection at Alberta Honda

The journey to purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time; automotive consumers take their time to research and narrow down a vehicle that will fit their needs and wants. However, it is important to note that each vehicle has many choices offering unique features and benefits. Once an automotive consumer in Fort Saskatchewan and Alberta has decided on the exact vehicle they want to purchase, they will most likely set up a time to take a test drive and learn more about it.

At Alberta Honda, we offer a great line up of vehicles that are sure to meet consumers' needs and lifestyle. Not only do our vehicles offer industry-leading features and technology, but one of the most comprehensive warranties around. To take it one step further, Honda has decided to go the extra mile with Honda Plus. A suite of added protection features that create a sense of calm and confidence. There are many benefits to Honda Plus, but one extremely important element is Honda Payment Protection.

The Benefits

Honda Payment Protection acts as a safety blanket when the unexpected in life occurs. Even within Honda Payment Protection, you have choices. Below we will cover some of the features:

Life Insurance

  • In case of unforeseen life events, the balance of the vehicle is paid off
  • Leaves your estate with the vehicle as an asset rather than a debt
  • Does not affect the value of other insurance policies

Disability Insurance

  • If you are unable to work at your job, vehicle payments are made
  • Benefits continue until you return to work
  • The coverage is in addition to any workplace or private plans

Critical Illness Insurance

  • If you are diagnosed with any of the following, the program pays off the balance of the vehicle: heart attack, stroke, cancer, paralysis, organ transplant, and bypass surgery.

Loss of Employment Insurance

  • Makes your vehicle payment if you lose your job
  • It can be claimed more than once
  • Accidental injury coverage is included
  • You credit is protected

These great options are all part of Honda Plus Payment Protection. We all know that life can send us a curve ball at any moment, so it is important to consider the options available to you to protect yourself and protect your loved ones. If you have more questions please contact us.

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