The Civic, despite evolving its various designs and forms throughout the years, has maintained an excellent history of comfort, safety and performance. It comes as no surprise that the new Civic maintains this standing while showcasing a personality all of its own.

Toyota Corolla

Chevrolet Cruz

Acura ILX
Mazda 3
Honda Accord delivers more of a sleek, slender look, focusing on new-age design tenets with an aerodynamic profile. Aluminum alloy wheels, LED head and taillights, along with a one-touch moonroof and dual exhaust, round out every corner of the Accord as a luxurious, sporty model that simply makes it one of the best-looking sedans on the market.

Mazda 6
Nissan Altima
Nissan Maxima
Acura TLX
The 2019 Honda CR-V has a long body for a crossover, with a similarly strong back end that supports a sloping front hood. Its aerodynamic design helps with both performance and fuel efficiency. It's got an athletic-inspired body that helps the CR-V look fluid, even when parked.

Ford Escape

Santa Fe
Nissan Rogue

Toyota RAV4

A 2019 Honda Fit with its lean and defined frame, Sporty rims and integrated fog lights provide a look reminiscent of Honda's more performance-driven vehicles like the Civic Type-R, while its smart interior design offers an abundance of room you wouldn't imagine possible in such a diminutive vehicle.

Mitsubishi Mirage
Chevrolet Spark

Honda Pilot has a sharp and defined aesthetic.

Ford Edge

Minivans, like the Honda Odyssey, and the comparable Toyota Sienna, are multi-functional adventure seekers champing at the bit to carry you off onto your next foray into the unknown.

Toyota Sienna

The Honda Passport has been re-imagined as a mid-size crossover SUV

Nissan Murano