Immersive virtual reality technology further advances Honda’s EV

Immersive virtual reality technology further advances Honda’s EV

Honda Advances Electric Vehicle Design Capabilities with Immersive Virtual Reality Technology

Immersive virtual reality (VR) technology has made its way to the automotive sector, as Honda is leveraging VR to expedite the development of its new and future vehicles. If you’re based in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, or beyond, find out how this immersive technology has helped Honda bring some of its new vehicles to market below and visit Alberta Honda to see their latest innovations up close among our new inventory.

At the height of the pandemic, Honda engineers and designers were unable to collaborate on the all-electric 2024 Prologue due to travel restrictions. Luckily, Honda’s teams were able to work together with the help of VR to make any changes they needed to the all-new Honda Prologue’s design, modeling, materials, colour, and finishing. As a result of these innovative VR collaboration tools, which also handled the bulk of this model’s interior design, the all-electric Prologue’s design development was able to remain on schedule, with this Honda vehicle now expected to officially hit the market in early 2024. The upcoming Prologue isn’t the first model Honda has designed with the help of VR technology, as its team used these tools for the all-new 2023 Honda Pilot’s product evaluation. The Pilot SUV has since joined our showroom at Alberta Honda, and you can see it up close, take it for a spin, and make it yours at your convenience.

For more on how Honda is relying on VR for the future, the 2024 Prologue, or anything in between, contact our Alberta Honda dealership today.

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