How To Reset Honda Change Oil Light

How To Reset Honda Change Oil Light

Navigating the maintenance of your Honda vehicle includes understanding how to reset the change oil light. This action is crucial for drivers taking on the diverse landscapes of Alberta, from the serene Rockies to the urban expanses of Edmonton and Calgary. Ensuring your vehicle's oil change light is accurately reset not only contributes to the longevity of your Honda but also maintains its performance. This guide delves into the necessary steps and insights required for resetting your Honda's oil change light.


Resetting Your Honda Oil Maintenance Light

Resetting Your Honda Oil Maintenance Light

Initial Preparation

Start by turning the ignition to the run position, stopping just short of engaging the engine. This action prepares the vehicle's system for the reset process.


Navigation Through the Display

Locate the Select/Reset button on the steering wheel or dashboard. Use this to scroll through the options until you reach "Engine Oil Life" or "Engine Oil Indicator %." This step is critical for accessing the reset function.


Activation of the Reset Sequence

By pressing and holding the Select/Reset button for a duration of 10 seconds, the Engine Oil Indicator will initiate a blinking sequence, indicating readiness for reset.


Finalizing the Reset

Depending on your dashboard's display message, either utilize the Info button for models displaying "Engine Oil Life" or continue to hold the Select/Reset knob for models showing "Engine Oil Indicator %." A hold time exceeding 5 seconds is necessary to reset the oil life indicator in your Honda to 100%.


The Significance of the Maintenance Minder System

The introduction of the Maintenance Minder system by Honda in 2006 marked a significant advancement in vehicle maintenance. This system evaluates various factors, such as engine load, temperature, and vehicle usage patterns, to determine the optimal timing for your next service. By sticking to the Maintenance Minder's recommendations, you ensure that your Honda is maintained at its peak efficiency and reliability.


Tailored Reset Instructions for Honda Models

Honda's lineup, including popular models such as the CR-V, Civic, and Accord, each has specific procedures for resetting the oil change light. It is imperative for owners to refer to the vehicle's manual for model-specific instructions. However, the general process involves navigating through the vehicle's display options to locate and reset the Engine Oil Life indicator, ensuring your Honda's maintenance system is accurately updated.


Alberta Honda is dedicated to empowering Honda owners with the knowledge and tools needed for maintaining their vehicles. Whether you prefer the DIY approach or professional service, being informed about your Honda's maintenance system is cardinal to ensuring the longevity and continued performance of your vehicle.


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Resetting the oil change light is a straightforward yet essential aspect of Honda vehicle maintenance. By following the outlined steps and making use of the Maintenance Minder system, owners can confidently maintain their vehicle's performance and reliability. Alberta Honda encourages all Honda owners to familiarize themselves with their vehicle's maintenance procedures, reinforcing the importance of proactive vehicle care.


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