Honda Tire and Rim Protection

Honda Tire and Rim Protection

Honda Tire & Rim Protection in Edmonton, AB

Your vehicle’s contact with the road goes through your wheels and tires, and it’s with that in mind that Honda offers its drivers a tire and rim protection plan. No matter if you reside in Edmonton or Fort Saskatchewan, AB, find out how Honda Tire and Rim Protection can help optimize the health and lifespan of your tires and wheels below and contact Alberta Honda for more information.


If you’ve braved rugged terrain or winter roads, you’re likely well acquainted with the many potential hazards that can hurt both your wheels and tires, from potholes to chunks of ice to uneven manhole covers. Luckily, when you treat yourself to a model from our new inventory, you can cover your tires and wheels with Honda’s Tire & Rim Roadside Hazard Protection, which ranges from 12 to 84 months, depending on your choice of plan. With this affordable coverage plan, you can get flat tires and damaged rims repaired by our Service Centre’s factory-trained technicians whenever you need. If you need to get your Honda towed to our Service Centre for tire or rim repair, this Honda protection plan will cover $100 in towing costs per incident, and you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or deductibles either. You can also enhance your Tire & Rim Road Hazard coverage with an available Cosmetic Rim Repair plan, which covers up to $200 worth of cosmetic repairs per incident caused by a road hazard.

For more on Honda’s Tire & Rim Road Hazard coverage, contact us at Alberta Honda today.

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