The 5 Civic Virtues

The Honda Civic has been Canada’s best-selling cars for decades in a row, and for good reason. It’s instantly recognizable, excellently engineered and economical to boot. No wonder the Civic has achieved cult status and won the hearts and minds of North America and its native Japan. Today, we explore the 5 things that make the Civic great.

1. Evolved for the Environment

As the Civic was hitting the American market back in the 70s, General Motors was having a lot of trouble meeting the new emissions laws. In a moment of brilliant publicity, Honda’s founder Soichiro…

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Better Safe Than Sorry With Brake Fluid

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to your vehicle is put anything off. It does not matter if you do not know when to change your brake fluid and oil. You are only making yourself vulnerable to unfortunate occurrences if you put off important things

This is especially important when it comes to brake fluid. At some point, you are going to find it very hard to stop your car if you neglect your responsibilities to your brakes. If you don't know when to change your brake fluid, there are signs that you can…

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2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

You might have certain ideas about hybrid vehicles and the compromises they require. You picture them as small, Spartan vehicles that require special driving techniques to achieve their great fuel economy ratings. Well, with the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid, you can chuck those ideas in the waste bin. This hybrid sedan makes no compromises. This mid-size sedan offers performance, style, and a host of standard features along with eye-popping fuel efficiency. At Alberta Honda, we…
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THe 2019 Honda Insight

Honda's first-generation Insight was the first hybrid production vehicle sold in North America when it was introduced more than two decades ago. Now Honda is carrying on the tradition with the 2019 Honda Insight. At Alberta Honda, we think this is the Honda Insight Edmonton drivers have been waiting for. This is the first fully mainstream Insight, a beautiful sedan with graceful curves resembling an upscale Civic. You would never know at a glance…

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A Few Reasons Why A Crossover Is A Great Buy

The crossover is a favorite vehicle for many reasons. To begin with, it is an upgrade in terms of space over a sedan. This is perfect for families who want extra space and seating for their kids.

Extra space for passengers is not the only benefit that crossovers have. These hybrid vehicles often have foldable seats which give you plenty of cargo space. This allows you to transport plenty of passengers when needed and plenty of cargo when you need it. It is this versatility that makes crossovers a top pick.

Crossovers are also more budget-friendly than an SUV. At…
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Why Use a Clay Bar Treatment

Most people don't realize that your car's paint has to face pollutants, brake dust, road debris, rust, and other issues that wear down its natural luster. If you want to get your car looking its best and keep it that way, there are a few services you can request when detailing your car.

With the exterior of your vehicle, you probably expect certain types of detailing, such as a full wash and wax. However, there is another treatment that you can request that will elongate the natural lifespan of your car's paint and protect it against corrosive…
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Why the Honda Civic Makes a Great First Car

Buying your first car can be an exciting and confusing time in any young driver's life. There are many different vehicles on the market that offer several different features. So, how do you you choose which vehicle would be best for you or your child? One good way to find out which vehicle would be a good first-time car would be to figure out what is the most popular choice among other first-time car…

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Upcoming Changes to the 2019 Honda Pilot and the 2019 Honda HR-V

With the announcement of two SUVs receiving several upgrades, the Honda 2019 vehicle line-up is starting to look more and more impressive. The 2019 Honda Pilot and the 2019 Honda HR-V feature some breath-taking enhancements that will help to reform Honda's SUV roster.

In July, Honda fans will be excited to get a first-hand look at the subtle style and convenient upgrades that both of these SUVs will have. However, the fact that these…

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Race into Alberta Honda!

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At Alberta Honda, Alberta’s first Honda dealership, we pride ourselves on not just producing vehicles that are reliable but to be able to reliably provide top-tier customer service to everyone that walks through our doors. Honda wants to kick off the summer in a big way. This month, from May 11th-13th, come Explore the Great Outdoors with Alberta Honda. To celebrate this big event, we’re offering:

  • Finance rates as low as 0% on select 2018 models
  • Up to $4,000 off on select 2017 Models
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HONDA TECH - Adaptive Cruise Control

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Honda technology is some of the most advanced automotive tech in the entire world. They are a company that constantly pushes for advancement, who keeps innovation at the forefront of each and every decision choice they make.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at an exclusive Honda technology, Adaptive Cruise Control.



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