2024 Honda CR-V Safety

2024 Honda CR V Protection & Safety

2024 Honda CR-V Safety

Albertans are no strangers to a diverse range of terrains and driving conditions. From the bustling city streets of Calgary to the serene highways that stretch along the Rockies, our vehicles must be equipped with cutting-edge safety features. The 2024 Honda CR-V delivers precisely that — a fusion of innovation and security that resonates with the heart of Alberta.


Adaptive Technologies for Alberta's Traffic Jams

Navigating Alberta's rush-hour traffic has never been more effortless. The 2024 CR-V boasts Traffic Jam Assist, a feature that utilizes Adaptive Cruise Control ACC* and the Lane Keeping Assist System LKAS*. This feature seamlessly aids drivers in maintaining their lane position, especially during those congested after-work hours. Moreover, the LKAS* not only detects when you’re veering off your lane but also applies progressive torque to steer you back, ensuring you stay safe even during unforeseen distractions.


Anticipation and Automated Responses

The Forward Collision Warning FCW system* is tailored to keep an eye out for vehicles ahead. Alberta's unpredictable road scenarios, be it a sudden halt due to wildlife crossing or an unexpected slowdown, are made manageable as the system releases auditory, visual, and tactile alerts. And if the driver doesn't act timely? The Collision Mitigation Braking System CMBS®* jumps in, applying adequate brake pressure to avert potential frontal impacts.


Stay Connected with HondaLink™

The modern Albertan driver deserves to be connected, even on the move. The available HondaLink™ Subscription Services* offers a plethora of features, including the indispensable "Find My Car" and "Stolen Vehicle Locator". With "Remote Door Lock/Unlock", and the exciting "Remote Engine Start", Alberta's chilly mornings can be greeted with a pre-warmed car.


Ensuring Stability on Alberta's Diverse Terrains

Vehicle Stability Assist* comes equipped with Traction Control, a feature crucial for Alberta's mix of dry, wet, and snowy roads. Whether you're navigating a rain-soaked highway or trekking through a snowy path in Banff, this system works diligently to minimize wheel spin, ensuring utmost confidence in every drive. Descending the Rockies or the steep terrains of Jasper National Park? The hill descent control ensures a constant speed, allowing you to soak in Alberta's beauty without regular brake checks.


Protection Redefined

The 2024 CR-V's Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ ACE™ body structure stands as a testament to Honda's commitment to safety. This structure disperses frontal impact energy, ensuring the safety of every occupant. Furthermore, every CR-V trim is armed with front and side curtain airbags, including the groundbreaking SmartVent™ side airbags, tailored to protect every individual on board.

The 2024 Honda CR-V isn't just another SUV; it's Alberta's trusted companion, ensuring safety at every twist, turn, and straightaway.


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