2023 Honda Passport Active Safety Features in Edmonton, AB

Honda Passport Safety

2023 Honda Passport Active Safety Features in Edmonton, AB

At Alberta Honda, our new inventory includes the latest Honda models with advanced safety features. The 2023 Passport, for example, offers both active and passive safety options, making it an ultra-safe choice for SUV shoppers. Our showroom provides an opportunity to explore this new Honda SUV in more depth, and our expert team is available to help you learn more about the active safety features of the 2023 Passport. So visit us today and discover the cutting-edge safety offerings of the newest Honda models.

Forward Collision Warning System

This safety feature monitors what's ahead of your Passport, providing you with visual and audible warnings if you approach upcoming traffic too quickly. The Collision Mitigation Braking System will engage if you fail to respond promptly to those warnings.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

When CMBS is engaged, it will help you mitigate or eliminate the risk of being involved in a frontal collision inside your new Honda Passport. This safety feature is designed to apply braking pressure in emergencies, giving you a second layer of protection in dangerous driving situations.

Lane Departure Warning System

With Lane Departure Warning System, your Passport will actively monitor its driving lane and issue an audible and visual warning if you drift or veer out of the driving lane without using the signal indicator.

Lane Keeping Assist System

This safety feature is designed to smoothly bring you back to the safety of your driving lane, centring your 2023 Passport if it detects lane veering without using a turn signal indicator. The LKAS does so by applying torque progressively to help steer you back into the centre of your driving lane.

Road Departure Mitigation System

If your 2023 Passport might be at risk of running off the road, this safety feature will apply brake pressure and steering input, ensuring you remain on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Navigating highways with the 2023 Passport is a breeze, thanks to ACC which keeps your Honda travelling at a constant speed while maintaining the set driving distance from the vehicle ahead.

Electronic Brake-Force Distribution

By calculating the weight distribution inside the 2023 Passport, this passive safety feature optimizes braking power to deliver secure braking performance, ensuring a safe stop in traffic or an emergency.

Tire Pressure Monitor System

During every drive in the 2023 Passport, you can rest assured knowing the air pressure inside all four tires is monitored by this safety feature, giving you a dashboard alert if any tire pressure is below specification.

Hill Start Assist

You won't have to worry about rolling back on hills since Hill Start Assist can detect that your Honda Passport is at an incline and will apply the brakes to hold the SUV in place temporarily.

Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control

The VSA safety feature can detect over- or under-steer driving situations, helping you correct the driving course to ensure your safety. As for traction control, it will minimize wheel spin when accelerating from a stop and driving over loose or low-traction surfaces.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure

The ACE body structure is Honda's advanced passive safety system, giving your 2023 Passport crumple zones and advanced engineered structural body components to reduce impact forces or redirect energy in a collision to protect occupants in the cabin.

Rear Seatbelt & Seat Reminders

If you open the rear doors at the beginning of your trip, your 2023 Passport will remind you to check the back once you arrive at your destination and turn off the ignition, helping you remember your belongings or rear occupants.

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With loads of active yet advanced safety options to explore by driving a 2023 Passport, we are confident that this Honda is the ideal SUV for many customers, so contact us to learn more about its offerings.

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