2022 Honda Ridgeline - Interior Style

2022 Honda Ridgeline Interior Style

2022 Honda Ridgeline Interior Features

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline gets a fresh new look from the front roof pillars forward, giving it a bolder look than ever before. Both the exterior and interior are graced by new trimmings and equipment such as front grille, bumper, light, and hood design. In contrast, the interior receives a host of subtle changes, such as the volume knob and the revised infotainment system.

Automotive consumers know that Honda always pushes the envelope in engineering and design. Offering consumers the best of the brand has to offer. At Alberta Honda, we invite you to explore the 2022 Honda Ridgeline; our new vehicle inventory features a fantastic selection.

Heated Seats

Heated Seats are a feature that will be most enjoyed during the cold Canadian winter months. The Heated Seats will warm the bottom as well as the lower back of the occupants.

60/40 Lift Rear Seat

The rear seat in the 2022 Honda ridgeline may look like a one-piece bench, but due to its fluid design, it's actually a 60/40 Spit Seat with the ability for the bottom to be lifted up. Due to this ingenious design, larger or taller items can now be placed inside of the truck away from the elements.

10-way Power Driver Seat

Giving the driver an adjustable seat can make all the difference during those long journeys. Although a manual adjusting seat can do the job, Honda has provided its customers a 10-Way Power Adjustable Seat with lumbar support, so they are able to tweak it to their exact liking for ultimate comfort.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Interior Style
2022 Honda Ridgeline Interior Style

Heated Front and Rear Seats

Gone are the days of occupants complaining about the seats being too cold, especially during the winter months. Standard Heated Front Seats and available Heated Rear Seats will provide all occupants with a comfortable ride by keeping them warm.

With the truck started, the seats can heat up to their optimal working temperature within minutes.

Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

Since the steering wheel is one of the most important interior features of the truck, primarily for the driver, a Honda-designed Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel will accompany the driver on long journeys, keeping their hands comfortable and well-rested.

Metallic Door

Honda opted for a Metallic Finish on the doors and steering wheel, giving the 2022 Honda Ridgeline a sharp and attractive look throughout its interior space.

Technical grain

A very sharp feature of the 2022 Honda Ridgeline is its Technical Grain, which can be found on the instrument panel, doors, and shifter control, adding another level of design and style to the already bold Ridgeline.

Embossed Fabric

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline features Embossed Fabric. By embossing the fabric, a striking pattern is achieved, thus leaving the seats stylish and very modern looking, further adding to the appeal of the Ridgelines Interior.

Remote Engine Starter

Imagine coming out of the house on those cold winter days and walking into your Ridgeline, knowing that it will be toasty warm once you step inside. Honda has made this possible with a factory-installed Remote Engine Starter.

USB Device

Because in this high-tech world, having a device that's always fully charged and ready to be connected is of the utmost importance, the 2022 Honda Ridgeline offers Multiple USB Device connectors both in the front and back.

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