2022 Honda Civic Safety in Edmonton, AB

2022 Honda Civic Safety - Advanced Airbag & Enhanced Wiper Feature

2022 Honda Civic Safety in Edmonton, AB

Honda has made a tradition of putting safety first, and the new 2022 Civic in our new inventory is no exception. If you're based in or around Edmonton, Alberta, allow Alberta Honda to introduce this latest Civic sedan's varied safety features for confident, stress-free driving:

Advanced Airbag Design

The latest Honda Civic's advanced airbag design protects you and your passengers from a variety of angles. Not only does this design provide optimal driver and passenger safety in the event of a collision, it also adds protection for rear, side, and knee impact.

Enhanced Wiper Functionality

The 2022 Honda Civic boasts enhanced windshield wiper performance to ensure that your visibility is consistent in a variety of conditions. Redesigned fluid injectors provide a precisely measured amount of washer fluid with every use, while low-sitting wiper blades execute clean, equally precise swipes.

New Front Bumper Design

This new front bumper design accounts for both your safety and that of pedestrians. The 2022 Civic's new front bumper beam is built to absorb energy on impact and minimize the severity of potential leg injuries.

Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control

These two safety functions help you stay at the reins in precarious situations. Vehicle Stability Assist senses and corrects drastic spikes and dips in steering for optimal handling and cornering. Its Traction Control stablemate keeps your wheels' spin to a minimum when you accelerate on slippery surfaces to maximize your grip and keep you in control.

Hill Start Assist

Making your way up a steep incline is much easier thanks to Honda's Hill Start Assist. When you're stopped at an incline, this safety function keeps your Civic from rolling backwards by maintaining brake pressure until your foot reaches the gas pedal.

Auto High Beams

Automatic high beams allow you to adapt to your surroundings and conditions without any hiccups. Whether you're on the road at night and crossing paths with other vehicles or braving some heavy fog, your 2022 Civic will automatically alternate between your low beams and high beams accordingly.

Available HondaLink Assist Automatic Emergency Response System

This available safety feature gives you the comfort of knowing help is always near if ever you're in a jam. As long as your phone has reception and is paired to your infotainment display with Bluetooth connectivity, this HondaLink system will automatically put you through to emergency response services every time your airbags are deployed.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) Body Structure

The 2022 Honda Civic's ACE body construction is designed to enhance its occupants' protection if ever you're involved in a frontal collision. This structure enables the dispersion of frontal impact energy to help prevent it from entering the cabin and bringing harm to passengers.

Child Safety Features

Honda has made great efforts to keep your little ones safe when you're driving with the family in tow. Child-proof rear door locks and rear-seat Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) are featured in the new Civic, the latter allowing you to install a compatible child's seat quickly and safely without using the sedan's seatbelts.

Contact us at your convenience for more on the 2022 Honda Civic's vast and varied suite of safety features.

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