2022 Honda Civic - Interior

2022 Honda Civic - Interior

2022 Honda Civic-Interior

The 2022 Honda Civic boasts one of the most elegant and striking exterior designs. The hyper-competitive compact vehicle segment offers many great choices; however, where the 2022 Civic sets itself apart from the competition is its interior design. Its beautifully laid-out interior cabin features remarkable technologies, an abundance of room for both front and rear passengers, and high-quality materials throughout.

At Alberta Honda, we are excited to showcase the 2022 Honda Civic in all its glory. We invite you to browse our new vehicle inventory and pick a Civic that suits your style. Don't forget to schedule a test drive because you can only truly apricate it once you get behind the wheel.

Open Cockpit Design

The all-new 2022 Honda Civic continues to offer consumers all the features they love about this legendary car. The all-new interior has taken those features to a whole other level. Not only that, but a spacious open cockpit design allows consumers to utilize the abundance of space while taking a long drive to the cottage or a short trip to the grocery store. Honda'sHonda's interior designers really focused on creating an interior that won't feel cramped, and they have let us down. The Civic is considered a small car; however, with this new interior, you would think you are in a full-size sedan.

Wider Windshield

There are many ways to create the illusion of a spacious interior, and one of those ways is by offering a wider windshield. Fortunately, for the 2022 Honda Civic, this is not an illusion. The Civic boasts one of the roomiest interiors in the segment, and the design of the windshield just adds to the experience.

Center Console

The Civic's spacious interior also features an oversized centre console with cupholders designed to fit any size cup.

Heated Seat

Have you ever gotten into your vehicle, and the seats were super cold? This is a reality for many Canadians as winter brings below-freezing temperatures. Wouldn't it be nice to sit on a seat that was nicely warm? Luckily, the 2022 Civic offers heated front seats; just set it and forget it. Winter driving will be so much warmer.


There are not many audio manufacturers that are as recognized as Bose. So it only made sense that Honda partnered up with one of the most popular audio companies in the world. The 2022 Honda Civic features an available Bose audio system that is sure to create a unique audio experience in the cabin.

Digital Display

As technology has progressed, so has the rise of digitalization. Automotive consumers have become accustomed to the digital world with devices like their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All of the information presented on these devices is in digital form. So Honda decided to continue that trend to their vehicles. The 2022 Honda Civic continues where its predecessor left off; with a digital display.

The digital display on the new Civic provides drivers with all the relevant information they need while driving in a beautifully colourful way.

Heated Steering Wheels

Like the heated front seats, the 2022 Civic boasts a heated steering wheel as well. Why should your bottom have all the fun? On those cold winter mornings, having a heated steering wheel is vital because keeping your hands warm and comfortable will help you enjoy your drive and stay safe while doing it.

The 2022 Honda Civic has so many great features, so we invite you to contact us to find out more about this amazing vehicle.

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