2022 Honda Accord - Safety

2022 Honda Accord - Safety

2022 Honda Accord - Safety

The 2022 Honda Accord is a popular sedan among many due to its desirable features. It showcases a stylish exterior, thoughtfully designed interior, intuitive technology, and an overall enjoyable driving experience. The Honda Accord is also known for its abundance of standard and available safety and driver-assist features. Keep reading to learn more about some of these features; then, you can browse our new Honda inventory for pricing and availability for the Accord here at Alberta Honda.

Rear Seatbelt Reminder

Every interior occupant should wear a seatbelt when in a moving vehicle. The 2022 Accord's rear seatbelt reminder informs the driver if someone is not being safe and reminds them to tell their passengers to buckle up.

Low-speed Braking Control

The 2022 Honda Accord offers an available low-speed braking control to promote driving confidence. It uses sonar to detect solid objects at low speeds and alerts the driver or even automatically applies the brakes when necessary. No matter what speed you're travelling, collisions are best mitigated or avoided altogether.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System automatically checks the air pressure in each tire. This promotes enhanced safety and fuel efficiency while driving. If pressure drops in any tire, an alert on the dashboard will appear, signalling the need for an air top-up.

Vehicle Stability Assist

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Traction Control comes standard on all models of the 2022 Honda Accord. The VSA feature is designed to sense and help correct oversteering and understeering scenarios to enhance handling and cornering stability. Traction Control is designed to minimize wheel spin when driving on loose or slippery surfaces like snow, ice, or mud. These features promote peace of mind while driving, working with the driver and the Accord to help you move confidently.

Auto High Beam

Automatic high beams come standard on all models of the 2022 Honda Accord. This feature automatically changes the low beam headlights to high beam headlights to assist the driver's vision when driving in the dark.

2022 Honda Accord Auto High Beam2022 Honda Accord Vehicle Stability Assist

ACE Body Structure

The Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure is highly innovative and built with occupant safety at the forefront. It helps to disperse frontal impact energy to enhance interior driver and passenger safety and protection while more effectively controlling it in severe collisions to help prevent intrusion into the passenger cabin.

Eight Standard Airbags

The 2022 Accord comes with eight standard airbags, including the effective driver and front passenger knee airbags. It also features an i-SRS front airbag system and side curtain airbags with rollover sensors designed to deploy in the event of a rollover to minimize injury. As a bonus, it has SmartVent side airbags, which are designed to deploy safely in a manner that mitigates the risk of damage to out-of-position or smaller occupants.

HondaLink Assist Automatic Emergency Response System

The HondaLink Assist Automatic Emergency Response System helps you get the help you need when you need it most. If the airbag deployment sensors go off, your Display Audio System on your Accord is designed to automatically attempt to put you on a call with an operator who will forward your location to first responders if necessary. Working with any compatible Bluetooth-paired phone, all the system needs is a reception, and it will automatically do the rest. Enjoy added peace of mind while driving, knowing that your Honda always has your back.

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