2021 Honda Pilot Safety Features

2021 Honda Pilot Safety Features

2021 Honda Pilot Safety Feature in Edmonton, Alberta

Solid on safety

At Honda, the pursuit of perfection is their primary objective, and safety is at the top of the to-do list. They provide a high level of standard safety features that are meant to ensure that every drive you take is a safe one. Whether it's the protection of occupants, pedestrians, or anyone else on the road, Honda vehicles at Alberta Honda are ready for the challenge.

Controlled Braking

The 2021 Honda Pilot utilizes a group of advanced braking systems to help you stay in control under challenging or normal braking conditions. Its anti-locking braking system helps prevent wheel lock-up that can be dangerous when you need them. At the same time, electronic brake distribution uses sensors to calculate where most of the occupant's weight is. If there is more weight at the rear, it will apply more braking power accordingly. Lastly, brake assist will help you stop more quickly by applying full brake pressure in the case of a panic stop.


Vehicle stability control with traction control helps keep your vehicle on its attended path. With the use of advanced sensors, the systems are able to correct a situation where oversteer and understeer are detected. This will help you stay in control of your vehicle in various driving conditions.

2021 Honda Pilot Controlled Braking2021 Honda Pilot Standard Airbags


Ensuring your tires are properly inflated is essential since they are the only component in contact with the road. Hondas' tire pressure monitoring system will notify you on the dash if a tire falls below a certain threshold.

Hill Start Assist

Ever been on a hill, and the vehicle behind you is very close to your bumper? This can be a nerve-wracking situation because you don't want to roll back and come in contact with their vehicle. Hondas' hill start assist will hold the brake for approximately three seconds to give you enough time to move your foot away from the brake and to the throttle.


Safety has always been Honda's number one priority, and it all begins with the chassis. The Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure is engineered to disperse the energy created by a front-end collision. This energy is pushed away from the cabin towards the sides, the roof, and underneath the vehicle. Keep your loved ones safe is Honda's only goal.

Solid Frame Structure

Like the Honda Ridgeline, the Pilot features a rigid uni-body frame that adds to its safety, stability, and driving dynamics.

2021 Honda Pilot Vehicle Stability ControlHondaLink

Standard Airbags

The cabin of the Pilot features a standard airbag system that is sure to keep you and your loved ones safe. It features an advanced front airbag as well as three-row side curtain airbags. The addition of SmarVent side airbags, which deploy in a way that helps reduce the risk of injury for out-of-position and smaller passengers.

Seat Belt Safety

The Pilot features 3-point height-adjustable front seat belts and rear seat belts.

Child Safety Feature

The most precious cargo in your Pilot is those that sit in the 2nd and 3rd row. You have the choice of utilizing four built-in and ready-to-use Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH). Make sure to acquire a compatible child safety seat and forgo the use of the vehicle's seat belt system.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian accidents have been steadily rising, and keep them safe is a top priority for Honda. Innovative safety features like an energy-absorbing hood and front fenders, and breakaway wiper pivots will help keep them safer.


HondaLink Assist Automatic Emergency Response System is ready to help you when you need it most. The system is able to contact emergency response in the event your airbags deploy. As long as a Bluetooth-compatible device is paired and it has reception, you should be connected with no issues. Please contact us for more information.

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