Honda Models in Edmonton, AB

Honda has been known for decades as one of the most reliable vehicle brands available anywhere in the world. They’re a brand that has built an empire off of creating vehicles that are technologically advanced as well as being top contenders for most fuel efficient vehicles driving today.

Honda vehicles are not just efficient, they are intelligently crafted to provide you with an immensely enjoyable ride, while also doing so at a fraction of the fuel mileage of other vehicles.

Alberta Honda is one of the top dealerships in the country. Why? Because they know that treating a customer right, treating them fairly, will bring them back. Customer happiness is their priority. Their ability to make it a priority is one reason for their notoriety and success. Another being Honda’s impeccable vehicle roster. Here is a closer look at the vehicles offered at Alberta Honda. 




The new Accord is an impressive vehicle with an unimaginably composed ride quality and strong, responsive handling. The Accord has unique curves and a trend-setting flair. Your classic intellect won’t be able to get enough of its luxurious interior, well-placed controls, and head-turning performance.

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While the outside of the Civic is traditionally designed to be compact, the inside is deceptively roomy. Able to sit 5 people in the front and back seats comfortable, the Civic is designed to be as efficient as possible, while also being the right amount of spacious.

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The interior of the CR-V is the epitome of versatility.  Honda uses a combination of comfort and technology to give you an unmatched level of pleasure in each ride. It is a spacious and accessible crossover that doesn’t go light on the luxury.

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The Honda fit is a fun vehicle. A dynamic vehicle, that finds the space to be comfortable, luxurious, as well as powerful. Everyone is entitled to enjoy life, so why not inject some fun into your drive with the Honda fit.

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The Honda HR-V has the bold styling and sleek feel of a coupe combined with the versatility of an SUV, so it’s easy to see why they are flying off the lot. Its cool exterior hides an audacious kick of power and unbeatable safety features, making it ready to hit the road whenever you are.




It is obvious that the Honda Odyssey is the ultimate family vehicle. It has the attractive styling and luxurious comfort expected of a vehicle versatile enough to tackle errands around town and resilient enough to take on long road trips. Its impressive safety features and exceptional fuel economy make it an industry leader.

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Honda has made a living by engineering vehicles that are bold as well as beautiful. Vehicles that are ahead of the curve in performance, technology, and efficiency. The Honda Pilot is no different. With top-levels in all departments, it is not only an efficient machine for those long journeys but it also makes for a perfect daily driver. It’s a vehicle that feeds off of adventure. It is a vehicle that you’ll want to take everywhere.

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The Honda CR-Z is a new addition to the Honda lineup and a welcome one at that. It’s a bit of a throwback to those wonderfully weird and unique vehicles Honda made in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s a vehicle that is pure fun and athleticism, a car straight out of the Fast and the Furious franchise that is backed by that unmatched Honda reliability. Factor that in with its use of Honda’s innovative and comprehensive technology to get one the most anticipated and hottest vehicles of the year. It’s a vehicle like no other.



The Honda Ridgeline is a great induction in the supremely popular mid-size pickup truck vehicle class. It’s a vehicle that takes Honda's innovations and molds them to suit the needs that are required for a truck. It’s got the look, it’s got the feel, and it’s got the performance needed to make a huge splash in the genre. It’s something to look forward to. 




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