Winter Tires for Honda in Edmonton

winter tires for honda in alberta

Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tires

Edmonton drivers face the same quandary, we'll call it the winter tire dilemma. Well, it's once again the time of year to face the music, but with our help you won't be facing it alone.

If you are anything like the rest of this city's general population, you probably have a million questions going through your head right now, and they might sound something like this: When should I install my winter tires? I have all-seasons, do I really need winter tires? And, there are so many different brands out there, which ones should I buy? Feeling overwhelmed is normal, you are not the only one confused, and we at Alberta Honda are here to help settle your concerns!


First things first, though your all-season tires may be rated for both mud and snow, they are not necessarily the best choice for the harsh winters that we tend to experience here in Alberta, and there are definite added benefits to not driving on them year-round.

As Albertans, we've become accustomed to the best and, unfortunately, the worst that Mother Nature has to throw at us. It only makes sense that our vehicles should be properly outfitted for our changing seasons as well, and while all-season tires are well-performing year-round in certain climates, they are not by any means an all-encompassing solution to our prairie weather woes. All-season tires just don't have the same cold-weather specific rubber compounds, channelling tread patterns and the open tread block pattern designed for deep snow traction that winter tires have. Winter tires also have a larger number of tread sipes (tiny slits in the tread blocks) than all-season tires, giving them more grip on wet surfaces.

There is a financial advantage to investing in winter tires as well. With our long winters, we can easily say that half of the year is spent in cold weather. Taking six months of wear off of your summer or all-season tires means you'll be replacing them half as often. That's money that stays in your pocket, or that you can use to pay for your next Mexican vacation when the cold just won't seem to go away.

Plus - We do Free tire repairs with all tires sold! *One per Calander Year


So when should you start thinking about installing your winter tires? According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, seven degrees Celsius is the magic number. That's the crossover point where winter tires begin to outperform all-seasons, even on dry pavement when the snow hasn't begun to fall yet. The reason for this is the more supple silica tread compounds in winter tires that respond better to cold temperatures than the harder compounds of all-season tires.


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2015 Honda Pilot

The amount of winter tire choices available to consumers can leave the mind reeling, but at Alberta Honda we definitely recommend you put your trust in Bridgestone for, easily, your most important auto accessory purchase.

The revolutionary Blizzak WS70 snow tires are made of a unique Tube Multicell compound that acts like a sponge, with microscopic bubbles soaking up and dispersing water, giving you a better grip on the road. Once the Multicell tubes have removed the water off of the surface of the ice, the Blizzak's hardened bite particles grip the surface for even more traction (see video).

The WS70's unique zigzag sipes grip snow-covered roads like no other, providing unbeatable winter tire handling and responsiveness.

Come see one of our specialists, and let us take care of that winter tire dilemma for you. Watch for our coupon, and mail-in Rebates for extra savings on your next set of winter tires!
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