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Alberta Honda - What is a Demo?

When it comes to going the extras mile, Honda knows that all too well. Whether it be going the extra mile in fuel economy, or in customer satisfaction, Honda spares no expense. We even go the extra mile in regards to making our fantastic Honda vehicles, like the 2016 Honda Civic or the 2016 Honda Odyssey, more attainable to those that wish to join the Honda family.  One way to do, without being burdened by the responsibilities and risks of a used car, is to buy a demo.

What is a Demo?

Demos are new vehicles that are driven for a short period of time by sales people and managers.  They are driven for a maximum 8,000 kilometers, after which the vehicles are put up as Demos buys.

Now that we're all caught up, here are the top reasons to buy a demo:

Discounted Price - While Honda vehicles are already cost efficient, the fact that this vehicle has been driven, is reason enough to drive the price down. But with Demos, once a vehicle has reached a maximum of 8,000 kilometers on the odometer, the vehicle can no longer be driven as a demo. That is more than enough kilometers to ensure your vehicle has been thoroughly broken in. That way, when you finally settled in behind the wheel, you don't have to worry about it running poorly or early mechanical issues that sometimes happen with a new vehicle.

Warranty on a demo?

They cool thing about warranty is that it doesn't take effect until after you've already driven the vehicle off the lot.  It kicks in after the kilometers are already on the vehicle. That means that if you have a 5-year warranty, despite the car not being entirely new, you still get that full five years.

What bonuses does buying a demo offer?

Honda demos are typically vehicles that are driven with care by our sales people and managers. They're entire jobs revolves around knowing the ins and outs of vehicle, so they drive them with care, while really getting to the intricacies of the vehicle. It is also in the salesperson's best interest to drive a vehicle that comes equip with all the Honda technology. Often you will find yourself getting vehicles with remote starters, perfect for those bone-chilling Edmonton winters, as well as other vehicle packages you don't normally find, often throw in for free. Come on in, and check out the incredible deals we have to offer.

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