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You battery is the heart of your vehicle. So it's important to make sure that the health of your battery is maintained. Unfortunately over time the efficiency of your battery deteriorates. Here at Alberta Honda we make sure that your battery is not only running at where it should be, but we also check whether the components charging your battery are running as well. If they aren't we will replace it with an authentic Honda battery, which will best support your vehicles electronic needs. 

Brakes and brake pads go through a lot in Alberta. They're put through extreme weather conditions and constant friction due to our roads. Alberta Honda is the perfect place to take care of all your brake needs. Using authentic Honda parts that work with your Honda braking system, Alberta Honda offers regular inspections, and a variety of tire care maintenance not typically offered by most service centers.

Maintenance is a necessary evil. But that little wrench icon (maintenance minder) isn't just a warning to change your oil. It lets you know your vehicle needs specific maintenance. Alberta Honda provides one of the most comprehensive service packages around. We do work on: brakes, oil and fluid levels, suspension, drivetrain, steering, and exhaust systems.

Alberta Honda offers an exclusive 38-point multi-faceted inspection. Our inspection system checks everything underneath the vehicle and everything under the hood to thoroughly identify the condition your vehicle is in. It's one of the most full proof, comprehensive inspections available anywhere.

It's the life blood of your vehicle. It functions to cool down your engine, and lubricates the inner workings for you engine. At Alberta Honda, we don't just use your basic, run-of-the-mill engine oil. We use the best engine oil, oil specifically chosen for your Honda vehicle.

Having a good set of tires is a crucial part of ensuring your vehicle is operating at peak performance. Making sure there's tires are in good is a key part of making your vehicle as reliable as possible. Alberta Honda offers the most comprehensive tire service of any vehicle brand around.

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