Test driving a used car


What should you be looking for when test driving a used car?

Shopping for a car can be an intimidating experience. There's nearly limitless options available to you and for every option comes near limitless questions. It's a barrage of uncertainty that hits you hard and can often be a little overwhelming. There are even more so if you're looking to buy used.

Buying a used car is in itself an entirely different set of options and questions. There are a lot of uncertainties, and a lot of things to look out for when looking into a used vehicle. There's always the worry that the vehicle you buy is a lemon. There are warning signs, and other signs that point you in the direction of the used vehicle you actually want to buy.

Here are few things you should look for when test driving a used car.


Usually, the number you look for is approximately 10,000 km per year or less. But while that number is something to aim at, it's more of something to aim for rather than a concrete rule. Certain vehicles, like 2015 Honda Civic and 2015 Honda Accord, have a more lasting longevity. So knowing which vehicles can have a longer lifespan is important in determining what amount of kilometers is acceptable.

You need to know what you want out of a used vehicle. Is this something you want in-between new vehicles? Something you just want for a few years and then resell or upgrade to something newer? Or is the plan long term? The longer you plan on keeping the vehicle, the more the amount of kilometres becomes important. But again, this varies from vehicle to vehicle.

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Low kilometers


Every car has a history, and sometimes that history is painted all over in the form of rust or dents, and sometimes that history is buried deep under a pure and damage-free exterior. But it is crucial, that you know what a particular vehicle has gone through, because a vehicle's history can be a vision to the vehicle's future.

Car facts is a useful tool. It's a website designed to help you research used car histories and other helpful buying information. As are the sales associates who are knowledgeable in both new and used vehicles. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and don't be afraid to learn a cars history.  Because those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat. And the last thing you want to hear when looking into used cars is that you're doomed.


That seems pretty simple doesn't it? This goes in tandem with the history portion in a way that you have to make sure that the car works the way you want it to. You need to be certain that the car doesn't have a seemingly hidden issues that will cost you more money down the road.  It is important that you leave as happy as can be when driving away with a used vehicle. And the less unwanted surprises, the better.

So come in, take a test drive, we take care of you here at Alberta Honda.

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