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Alberta Honda's Remote Starters

Alberta Honda understands the need to have a warm vehicle when you need it. Alberta is home to some of the coldest winters in the entire world. We're a dealership that understands the importance of a remote starter for your vehicle. Which is why Alberta Honda offers a variety of choices and packages when it comes to their remote starters. Let's take a look.

1 Way Starter | $655.00 with installation | What is it?
A one-way remote starter that you can activate from as far as 2,000 feet away from your vehicle. It also allows you to unlock your vehicle, activate the alarm, and open the trunk.
  •     Waterproof Remote: The remotes are safe from the elements, including rain and snow.
  •     Cold/Hot Automatic Start: Set your car to automatically start at a certain time or temperature, so you can get it ready         for the weather.
  •     Manual Transmission Compatibility: The Compustar starter system is compatible with all manual     transmission vehicles.
  •     Diesel Engine Compatibility: The Compustar remote starter is compatible with diesel engines and will wait to start to let     Glo-plugs warm up.
  •     Turbo: This will keep the engine running for up to four minutes after getting out of the car.
  •     Passive: Your car is automatically armed and locked 30 seconds after you unlock it.
  •     Drive Lock: The doors are locked when you press the brake pedal to change gears or when the system senses the engine is in use.
  •     Trunk Release Button: Pop the trunk by holding this button for 2.5 seconds.
  •     Valet Mode: All alarm and remote start features are turned off for valet and service situations.
  •     Aux Mode: Control additional inputs and outputs to trigger a relay.

2 Way Starter | $755.00 with installation | What is it?

A 2 Way start provides you with the ability to start your vehicle remotely while also getting command confirmation that your vehicle has started.

  •     Remote Start: Get a head start on the weather outside by remote starting your engine! Activate by holding start button for 2.5 seconds.
  •     Cold/Hot Automatic Start: Set your vehicle to automatically start at a certain time or temperature to make sure you always have a head start on the weather.
  •     Manual Transmission Compatibility: All Compustar starter systems can be safely installed onto manual transmission vehicles.
  •     Diesel Engine Compatability: Compustar remote starters are Diesel Engine compatible and will wait to start to allow Glo-plugs to warm up.
  •     Turbo: Keeps the engine running for up to 4 minutes upon exiting the vehicle.
  •     Keyless Entry: Secure your vehicle by activating your vehicle's installed alarm. Activate by pressing lock/unlock buttons.
  •     Trunk: Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk release button for 2.5 seconds.
  •     2nd Car: Use one remote to secure and start two vehicles (Requires additional parts/labor).
  •     Valet Mode: Turns off all alarm and remote start features, also known as service mode.
  •     Aux Mode: Additional inputs and outputs that can be controlled to trigger a relay.

2 Way LCD | $895.00 with installation | What is it?

A four button, two-way and on-way remote starters from Compustar with a range of up to 5000 feet. It also offers instant command confirmation through 5 LED lights. 

  • 4-button two-way LCD remote and 4-button one-way remote: allow you to remote start your car engine especially when it's nippy outside.
  • Range: up to 5,000-foot.
  • Keyless Entry: feature lets you lock/arm to secure your doors and unlock/disarm to access your vehicle, while passive arming/locking automatically secures your vehicle 30 seconds after you unlock it.
  • Panic/Car Find: so you can conveniently locate your car when you're lost in the parking lot.
  • Valet Mode: turns off remote start settings whenever you go for valet service or any kind of servicing.
  • Turbo: timer keeps your engine running in idle to minimize premature turbo wear.
  • Second Car Mode: lets you switch between vehicles easily using one remote.

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