What is HondaLink?


Hondalink is an application-based platform that connects you to a world of online content for both inside and outside of your automobile. Compatible with your smart phone, it allows you to have in car access to social media, phone contacts, and even your music.

Accessible in all Honda models in Edmonton with the available 7-Inch screen hub.

How do you use it?

You can activate the HondaLink system by simply connecting your smart phone device. When connected, you can browse the many apps are appropriate menus using controls on your dashboard or even your steering wheel.

Four downloadable apps: Aha, App Launcher, Connect App and Navigation App.

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Why does it fit in my life?

You can access a variety personalized and helpful content. Helpful programs, which are downloaded at any applicable App Store: such as"

Aha - Offers a robust library of media and audio features such as, music, podcasts, online radio stations and even audio books, all while giving you access to Facebook and Twitter. Aha also provides you with helpful tips on local gas stations, hotels and even restaurant recommendations.

App Launcher - An all-around App organizer, which approves 3rd-party apps in order for them to be better integrated into your vehicle and displayed on the crystal clear 7-inch screen.

Connect App - Think of this as your enhancement app., With access to your Owner's Manual, local weather reports, points of interest, destinations, messaging and a maintenance minder, including remote servicing scheduling, it is a great increase in convenience.

Navigation App - An easy-to-use 3D Nav system that comes built with HondaLink Traffic, and has the ability to search specific locations and addresses and easily direct you to your destination. Did we mention all of this is operational from the controls on your steering wheel?  

These apps are available on the Next Generation, which comes with Honda vehicles from the year 2014 or newer in Edmonton. Older Honda models have HondaLink as well, the First Generation HondaLink provides you with an equally helpful but less extensive options.