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ECONMode now Available!

Through the years HONDA has continually excelled as a reliable and innovative manufacturer. It has become a household name with its bread and butter HONDA Civic, and has since then expanded its vehicle line to include cars, trucks, minivans, and hybrids. Whether you need something rugged like a new HONDA Ridgeline in Edmonton, spacious like the 2015 HONDA Odyssey, or fuel efficient Accord, Civic, or Fit such a versatile vehicle line is sure to have a perfect vehicle for your needs and budget.

By not only offering a durable vehicle line but a handful of new technologies to improve performance and fuel economy the next generation of HONDA is ready to take over the roads once again. Those who are in the market for a new vehicle and have fuel savings listed as a point of importance should consider a new HONDA featuring ECON mode. Being offered on the new HONDA Accord, Civic, CR-Z, and CR-V it makes sure that you get the most out of every liter of gas purchased.

With fuel costs higher than ever in Alberta it's important to ensure that you are saving money at the pumps and filling up less. With the ECON mode on in the Accord, New Honda Civic in Edmonton, or CR-V you will be doing just that by having the ECON technology work behind the scenes for you and reduce engine strain to improve economy. With ECON mode active your HONDA is able to monitor throttle position and change gears faster, by moving into a higher gear the effort needed by the engine is reduced and overall fuel economy is improved.

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Unbelievable Fuel Economy

With just one push of the ECON button your fuel economy is increased by modifying how the vehicle operates. Those who are unsure about how to optimally use the ECON mode can rest easy knowing the Eco Assist will also coach you into driving more effectively and making your money go that much further. Being one of the first to offer this concept HONDA has been able to stay ahead of competitors by providing a faster responding automatic transmission, accelerator, and other settings without a hefty price tag we are sure you will love driving a new HONDA today.

Not only does the ECON mode allow for faster shifting it also streamlines your acceleration and makes it steady instead of a wasteful jerky high RPM forward acceleration. Instead of jumping quickly off of every red light and wasting valuable fuel ECON mode forces you to drive in a more efficient manner. On top of this ECON mode will also monitor air conditioning usage and be able to reduce the intensity when consumption becomes an issue.

Lastly, with the use of Eco Assist built in to the ECON mode you will know exactly when you are peaking in your fuel economy. With an informative display built in to the instrument cluster that uses different colours to indicate to the driver if you are driving favorably for fuel economy or if you are being wasteful with your fuel; it has never been easier to save yourself money.

If Honda's commitment to help your wallet while helping reduce waste and protect the environment wasn't made clear with the development of ECON mode, a new system is already available for the 2013 HONDA Accord and will be featured on many more HONDA vehicles in the coming years.

Help your wallet

HONDA Earth Dreams technology is a huge innovation in engine production. This new generation of engine improvements utilizes improvements made on their previous Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) engine and is dubbed as the Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (i-VTEC) engine.

This new engine improves efficiency and reduces friction which will allow the user to get much more life out of their engine and get more power while still improving fuel economy. As mentioned it is already available on the 2013 HONDA Accord and will likely be soon on the 2015 HONDA Fit, and newly announced HONDA HR-V compact SUV.

As new technologies are made available and new innovations made HONDA continues to show us why they are a leading manufacturer of new vehicles in North America. With a dedication not only to the environment, but to saving you money they will continue to see success in the coming years with the release of new vehicles such as the HR-V, and upgrading previous models such as their famous HONDA Civic and HONDA Accord in Edmonton.

If you have never experienced driving a HONDA for yourself and seeing exactly what they can offer you with their versatile and dependable brand we recommend Alberta HONDA to be your next stop in your new vehicle search. With friendly and courteous staff that are able to answer all your questions while pointing you in the right direction of your new HONDA vehicle it is no wonder Alberta HONDA is one of the top new HONDA dealerships in Edmonton and surrounding areas.