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Buying a Certified Used Vehicle (CUV) car, truck, or SUV in Edmonton may be slightly more expensive than purchasing a pre-owned vehicle privately or off the lot that hasn't been certified, but may yield you more advantages in the long run with an extended lifetime and greater performance. More and more manufacturers are beginning to offer a CUV program on to their customers and dealerships are accepting the challenge of making them available. Currently Alberta Honda has one of the best selections of new, used, and Certified Used Vehicles for sale in Edmonton and we are confident in our ability to find a vehicle to fit perfectly in your life in terms of vehicles needs and budget.

If you do not know what a Certified Used Vehicle is, let us go into a little more detail regarding the CUV program offered by Alberta Honda and why it may be the right option if you are looking for a used Honda for sale in Edmonton. The biggest component of deciding whether you want to go for a used Honda or a Certified used Honda is whether or not you are willing to pay more for peace of mind. As certified vehicles have more steps involved prior to their resale you will see a higher sticker value, but often times this pays itself off in dividends over the lifetime of your used car. Ask yourself first, are you planning to hold on to your used Honda for just a couple of years before you purchase something new? Or will you be using it for many years to come. Once you have made your decision and selected a CUV Honda model, it's time to find out more about it.

Historically Honda has always been known for their reliability and durability, as seen with the countless used Honda Civics still on the road today we know that the Honda brand has withstood the test of time. Now with the higher demand for quality products Honda has once again shown us why they are such a powerful manufacturer. By opening the CUV program to dealerships they provide a further guarantee on their products.

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The first step

The first step in the CUV program is to find the right candidates. Not every used Honda can make it through certification. They must be within a certain model year, within certain mileage restrictions, have no after market modifications, and pass a rigorous mechanical and visual inspection from a Honda trained technician. Once they have passed this initial set of tests we know that after further inspection that they will keep up with Honda's reputation for safety, reliability, and performance for many years to come.

The next step in certifying any used Honda selected for the program is to have a 100-point mechanical inspection performed by our team of trained technicians. They will pick apart every major vehicle component including the steering and suspension, powertrain system, brakes, exhaust, tires and wheels to make sure they meet up to the required standard. If any part is not up to par then it is replaced with another genuine Honda part or restored to near perfect condition.

Once the certification has been carried out and the vehicle is ready for resale the dealership, and Honda, back it with a 6-year 120,000 KM transferable warranty, a 7 day/1,000 KM exchange policy, membership to, and more. Not only will a CarProof also be provided to you upon purchasing any used vehicle with Alberta Honda to further guarantee your peace of mind, but those who buy a CUV from Alberta Honda will also qualify for preferred finance rates through Honda Finanical Services.

Explain the advantages

These finance rates vary depending on if you are purchasing a used Fit in Edmonton, Accord, Civic, or CR-V in Edmonton, but will provide you with a lower interest rate on the same vehicle that has not been certified. These savings will help balance out the cost of purchasing the CUV you found for sale in Edmonton and allow you to enjoy having a little extra money in your pocket month to month.

If you still have not made up your mind about purchasing a new, used, or Certified Used Vehicle in Edmonton today then allow the staff at Alberta Honda to explain the advantages of each one for you today. The general consensus is that buying a new Honda has a higher sticker price but gives you a full warranty and allows full confidence in the vehicles history, a used vehicle will save you the most money and is great to buy and use for a shorter period of time, and a CUV will give you tremendous value for your dollar.

We invite you to contact one of our sales representatives to discuss what you are looking for in your new or used vehicle search today. All of our staff is experienced and friendly and will be able to direct you towards a vehicle you will be happy to put on your driveway today! Come discover how Honda has become one of the best selling vehicle manufacturers of all time!

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