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2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

You might have certain ideas about hybrid vehicles and the compromises they require. You picture them as small, Spartan vehicles that require special driving techniques to achieve their great fuel economy ratings. Well, with the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid, you can chuck those ideas in the waste bin. This hybrid sedan makes no compromises. This mid-size sedan offers performance, style, and a host of standard features along with eye-popping fuel efficiency. At Alberta Honda, we…
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THe 2019 Honda Insight

Honda's first-generation Insight was the first hybrid production vehicle sold in North America when it was introduced more than two decades ago. Now Honda is carrying on the tradition with the 2019 Honda Insight. At Alberta Honda, we think this is the Honda Insight Edmonton drivers have been waiting for. This is the first fully mainstream Insight, a beautiful sedan with graceful curves resembling an upscale Civic. You would never know at a glance…

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Upcoming Changes to the 2019 Honda Pilot and the 2019 Honda HR-V

With the announcement of two SUVs receiving several upgrades, the Honda 2019 vehicle line-up is starting to look more and more impressive. The 2019 Honda Pilot and the 2019 Honda HR-V feature some breath-taking enhancements that will help to reform Honda's SUV roster.

In July, Honda fans will be excited to get a first-hand look at the subtle style and convenient upgrades that both of these SUVs will have. However, the fact that these…

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Introducing Honda Sensing

Honda is harnessing technology and implementing it into their vehicle designs to make roads a safer place to travel. From drivers to passengers, as well as other vehicles and even pedestrians, everyone deserves to stay safe in today's busy, hectic world. Honda analyzes real-world situations then engineers active technology to assist drivers in a multitude of scenarios for optimal safety.

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Honda Everus Concept

The future is now for Honda with their first mass-produced electric car, the Everus. It officially debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in April and already looks as if it is ready to roll off the assembly lines now. Honda isn't wasting any time transitioning to production with the Everus since manufacturing will most likely start later in the year with the model to be…

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Honda Robotics Concepts at 2018 CES.

Honda debuts new robots at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. Tech meets style and utility

You already know Honda brings cutting-edge technology to its cars. You might be one of millions of happy Honda drivers right now.

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Is Salt Your Only Option? How to Keep From Getting Stuck on the Ice

The arrival of snow in Edmonton means roadway salt isn’t far behind. We here at Alberta Honda understand that the salt used on roads, rock salt, can be a nuisance. It’s great for melting icy roads, but if you’re not careful, it can cause corrosion and rust on your vehicle. Salt can also damage your landscaping or hurt an animal’s paws when spread.

Not everyone wants to deal with the downsides of using salt, but is it your only option? The short answer is no; you can also use kitty litter or sand. However, each has…
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Spotlight on the HondaLink

Honda creates vehicles that you can depend on. We have developed a diverse vehicle roster that all adhere to the idea of reliability. The Honda reputation is built on the fact that our vehicles come with technology that makes your drive safer and easier.
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