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10 Things You Might Not Know About Honda

It’s Fun Fact Friday! Honda is an internationally acclaimed and famous brand with a long history. So it’s not surprising that it gathered so many interesting facts along its way. It’s never easy for a company to make it this far, and Honda did it by always upholding its integrity and constantly striving to be the best. Here are 10 interesting things about Honda:

  1. Before manufacturing automobiles, Honda originally manufactured motorcycles. By…

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Keep Food from Spilling While Driving It Around During the Holidays

If you are going to be driving around with food in your car during the holiday season, make sure that you know how to keep that food from spilling where it is not supposed to be. As you go about Edmonton with your food, make sure that it stays in the dish that you have placed it in.
  • Keep food where it should be by placing it in a dish with a lid that stays in place. Do not fill the dish too full.
  • Put the dish into a box of some kind and buckle that dish in your vehicle…
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The Top 5 Spookiest Cars

Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. The leaves have turned, if we’re lucky, it hasn’t snowed, and the weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch scary movies. It’s one night of the year people get to dress up in whatever costume they’d like, and let loose. We get to see our favorite characters from pop culture, or lore, or whatever you can come up with, brought to life.
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3 Things to do This Long Weekend in Edmonton

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November 11th is an important day for Canadians. It`s a day we use specifically to honor our veterans and those who have fought for our freedoms, freedoms that we often take for granted today. This kind of freedom wasn`t always so easy and it`s taken a century of fighting to get where we are. Remembrance Day is a day we take to reflect and honor it. Which is why it`s a national holiday and has been for nearly a hundred years. This year`s Remembrance Day happens to fall on a Friday, which means that…

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Top 5 Scariest Cars in Film History

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The Halloween season is upon us. The Yachimec Group would like to present to you Top 5 scariest cars in film history:

#5   Rusty Nail’s Long-haul Semi-truck – Joy Ride (2001)
The Creeper Truck – Jeepers Creepers (2001)
#3   The killer car – The Car (1977)

#2   Stuntman Mike’s Death Proof car – Death Proof (2007)

#1   Andi’s Fury – Christine (1983)

Happy Halloween!


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6 Reasons why August is a Great Time to Buy a Car

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We’re entering the dog days of summer, which in Edmonton is a tragic time. It’s almost back to school time for kids, and for many other none school goers, it means a time when the weather cools and the fun stops. Even the summer movie season is starting to cool off, which means we’re in that weird spot after the summer blockbusters and before the fall Oscar bait stuff. As much as the fall season means the return of sports (mostly hockey), it does feel like each summer is just a tease of what summer actually should…

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Top 5 life hacks for driving around Edmonton

Driving is easily one of the most stressful parts of our daily lives and driving in Edmonton isn’t exactly a breeze. But sadly, due to our incredibly well designed transit system (sarcasm), there’s not really that many alternatives to get around this fair city. Unless you bike but even then you only really get to do that for like five months out of the year and do you really want to be one of those people? (Sorry cyclists)

But driving in Edmonton doesn’t have to be awful. There are ways that help mitigated the terribleness that is…

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Top 5 Olympic events

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It’s that time again. Every four years (really every two years), the best and boldest athletes from around the world flock to a specific location and engage in the ultimate test of their athleticism in a battle of athletics between other athletes. Each countries represent vies for that beloved gold metal cylinder. I’m of course talking about the Olympics.

With that, here are the top 5 Olympic events I’m most looking forward to.

#5 Decathlon

 #4 100m

 #3 Diving

#2 Tennis

#1 Soccer

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July Wrap-up

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Holy Moly is the summer ever moving fast. Last time I checked it wasn’t even mid-June, and then I blinked and we’re already celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday (July 31st) with a brand new bit of HP content (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). But here we are, we’re already half way through Edmonton’s favorite season. July is a big month for Edmontonians, besides the fact that it’s usually the only month we get with decent weather, it’s a month jam packed with things to do.
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Bad drivers, what annoys you?

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Bad drivers, what annoys you?

We all have things we hate about driving and specifically about other drivers. We see things every day or our morning and afternoon commutes that straight up boil our blood and by boil our blood I mean send us into a hateful rage that leaves you cursing and yelling and pounding your fist until its bloody and raw.

Okay… that last part may have been a slight exaggeration (but only slightly), but that doesn’t mean that driving around is easy. Just imagine you’re driving around Edmonton in your 2016 Honda Civic, and bam…

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