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3 Things to do This Long Weekend in Edmonton

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November 11th is an important day for Canadians. It`s a day we use specifically to honor our veterans and those who have fought for our freedoms, freedoms that we often take for granted today. This kind of freedom wasn`t always so easy and it`s taken a century of fighting to get where we are. Remembrance Day is a day we take to reflect and honor it. Which is why it`s a national holiday and has been for nearly a hundred years. This year`s Remembrance Day happens to fall on a Friday, which means that…

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Top 5 Olympic events

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It’s that time again. Every four years (really every two years), the best and boldest athletes from around the world flock to a specific location and engage in the ultimate test of their athleticism in a battle of athletics between other athletes. Each countries represent vies for that beloved gold metal cylinder. I’m of course talking about the Olympics.

With that, here are the top 5 Olympic events I’m most looking forward to.

#5 Decathlon

 #4 100m

 #3 Diving

#2 Tennis

#1 Soccer

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Best vacation spots within driving distance around Alberta

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Best vacation spots within driving distance around Alberta

Summertime in Alberta is all about adventure.  It’s an entire province, both in its people as well as its nature that thrives of going on an adventure. After all, we wait so long for gorgeous weather, can you blame us for wanting to celebrate?

If you’re looking to get your adventure on this summer, here are a few things you can do that are within driving distance:

  • Jasper – 3 h 49 min (365.4 km)
  • Banff – 4 h 4 min (413.5 km)
  • Calgary Stampede – 3 h 2 min (298…
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The Yachimec Group visits the Edmonton Motor Show!

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It’s that time of year again, no I’m not talking about the oilers not making the playoffs once again, I’m talking about the once a year extravaganza that is the Edmonton Motor Show.

The Yachimec Group wanted to take a look at some of the incredible vehicle put on displayed over the weekend at the Edmonton Motor Show. Here’s some of the stuff we got to take a look at over the weekend.

We’ll break it down by what each vehicle brand brought to the table.

Here are the highlights:

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