10 Things You Might Not Know About Honda

It’s Fun Fact Friday! Honda is an internationally acclaimed and famous brand with a long history. So it’s not surprising that it gathered so many interesting facts along its way. It’s never easy for a company to make it this far, and Honda did it by always upholding its integrity and constantly striving to be the best. Here are 10 interesting things about Honda:

  1. Before manufacturing automobiles, Honda originally manufactured motorcycles. By 1964, it became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer - a title it still holds today!

  2. Besides cars and bikes, Honda also manufactures watercraft, aircraft, lawn equipment and solar cells. Honda even created a humanoid robot, ASIMO.

  3. Honda chose the name Accord for their sedan to represent the harmony that exists between the driver and their vehicle.

  4. Honda employees nicknamed the founder and president Soichiro Honda “Mr. Thunder” for his fiery temper. Despite his strictness, employees agreed that he was always fair.

  5. Honda chose the name Civic to invoke the image of the individual’s place among others in society. I think Honda succeeded in its vision for the Civic to be a reliable car for the everyman.

  6. The popular Honda SUV, the CR-V stands for Comfortable Recreational Vehicle.

  7. The official slogan of the Honda brand is “the power of dreams”.

  8. In the world of motorsports, Honda holds the greatest number of victories in all disciplines. Well done!

  9. In the 90s, Honda created the NSX, the sportscar that competed with Ferraris. It employed many revolutionary ideas at the time, including all aluminum body and chassis, electronic power steering and electronic gas pedal.

  10. Honda is one of the few modern car manufacturers that still preserves its independence, opting out of the popular practice of uniting into holdings and associations.

Well, we hope we gave the Honda owners out there a little more Honda pride. And if you’re a little more interested in Honda vehicles than before, don’t hesitate to check out our online inventory. Want to see your next vehicle in person? Stop by Alberta Honda for a test drive.

Alberta Honda. There’s only one.

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