Why the Honda Civic Makes a Great First Car

Buying your first car can be an exciting and confusing time in any young driver's life. There are many different vehicles on the market that offer several different features. So, how do you you choose which vehicle would be best for you or your child? One good way to find out which vehicle would be a good first-time car would be to figure out what is the most popular choice among other first-time car owners. Whether they are a parent that is looking at getting their teenager their very first car, or they are a first-time buyer that is looking for a way to retire their bus pass for good, many people are choosing the Honda Civic to be a good vehicle for  first-time car owners. .

Here is a list of the most popular reasons why more and more people are choosing the Honda Civic to be their first car. .

1. It's Affordable

Honda Civics are some of the most affordable vehicles on the market. They come at a great price, without sacrificing safety or comfort. A slightly used Civic could only cost you around $10,000 and includes luxurious amenities such as power windows and remote keyless entry. If you are looking for a vehicle that has more modern safety and comfort features such as a reverse camera, Lane Departure Warning system, heated seats, and a moonroof, then you could opt for a newer model, like the 2018 Honda Civic sedan, and still save quite a bit of money. .

2. It Has a Versatile Design

Honda is known for making some of the most versatile vehicles. That statement is definitely true when you consider the different design options that the Honda Civic has. The Civic comes in a coupe, a sedan, and a hatchback. It is also offered with either a standard or automatic transmission to ensure that no matter what the driver's personal style is, chances are, they will be able to find a Civic that is perfect for them. .

3. It's Reliable

In 1973, when the first Honda Civic was sold in Japan, it was quickly recognized as being a tough and reliable car. Since that time, Honda has always prided itself on manufacturing durable and safe vehicles.The Honda Civic's top-of-the-line parts and exquisite engineering is what makes this car able to outlast its competition. .

The fact that Honda Civics are extremely safe, durable, and cost-efficient is what makes them the perfect vehicle for first-time drivers. If you are looking for a safe and reliable vehicle that you can feel confident in, then come by Alberta Honda today and let our experienced and friendly staff help you and your family find your first Honda Civic.

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