HONDA TECH - Adaptive Cruise Control

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Honda technology is some of the most advanced automotive tech in the entire world. They are a company that constantly pushes for advancement, who keeps innovation at the forefront of each and every decision choice they make.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at an exclusive Honda technology, Adaptive Cruise Control.


Adaptive Cruise Control is a Honda based technology that uses the classic cruise control function and injects it with some intelligent automation. It adjusts your speed and braking automatically when it senses a car in front of you. This functions as both a comfort and safety technology, improving on the overall quality of your long distance driving.

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The following is a step by step process on how ACC works:

  • Using a complex system of cameras and radar, ACC measures the distance to the vehicle ahead. From
  • The system engages when the following criteria are met.
  • Activated through the steering wheel
  • A vehicle ahead is detected
  • You are traveling faster than 40 km/h
  • The steering wheel set -/+ button is pressed
  • Your vehicle maintains the set speed and the following distance but will slow or accelerate as needed to maintain safe driving conditions.

This highly intelligent piece of automotive tech creates an unmatched level of safety and comfort. While other vehicle companies have intelligent cruise control, none of them compared favorably to Honda’s.

If you’d like to experience Adaptive Cruise Control, stop into Alberta Honda and test drive one of our amazing vehicles, or book an appointment for a test drive online today!

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