What’s The Difference Between The Honda Accord And The Acura ILX

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2017 Accord
Honda is world-renowned for its ability to create vehicles that are reliable. The Accord has been a stalwart of the Honda model lineup for decades. It’s the sedan that sets the mark for every other vehicle that followed in its footsteps – a vehicle for the modern age.
185 Horsepower
181 ft-lbs of torque
7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay
Honda Sensing Technologies
The 2017 Honda Accord provides you with a mix of luxury and athleticism rarely seen in a sedan of this price point. The mid-sized sedan has been one of the most cutthroat vehicle classes in the entire industry, and while many brands seem to abandon their hope, Honda has excelled, becoming an all-star. Backed by Honda’s reliable reputation and incredible efficiency, The Accord has proven to be one of the most impressive vehicles in its class on a global scale.
 2017 ILX
Acura breeds intelligence. It’s ingrained in the way they design each and every vehicle they produce. The ILX, a new addition to Acura’s lineup, looks to make waves in an already highly competitive vehicle class. Given it comes from Acura, it’s no surprise that it found its footing, and quick.
201 Horsepower
180 ft-lbs of Torque
4 L i-V-TEC
Jewel-Eye LED Headlights
The 2017 ILX is driven by intelligence from inside and out. It’s a precisely crafted sedan that offers a level of luxury and performance that will rival many vehicles that most people consider out of its league. It isn’t the most efficient machine, but it’s a vehicle that has its fans.
When it comes down to it, these sedans are both considered successes in their own right. While the ILX offers a bit more in the power department, it lacks in efficiency and lacks some of the precision that the Accord offers. Honda designs some of the most intelligent engines, and never has their prowess been displayed better than with the Accord.
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