5 Common Car Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

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Here at Alberta Honda, we strive to provide you with the best customer service we can. Honda vehicles are known for being intelligent and reliable, and we pride ourselves on having a sales staff to match. As professionals, we understand that even the most veteran car owners have silly car questions that they’ve been embarrassed to ask.

So here are 5 Common Car Questions You’re Afraid to Ask.

#5 Why Do Signal Lights Blink Quicker When They Burn Out?

 When the signal light blinks faster, it functions as a way to let the driver know he has a light burnt out. It does so because when the lightbulb burns out, the voltage gets lower. When the voltage lowers, the circuits job becomes easier, which makes it possible for it to work faster.

#4 What’s the Difference between a turbocharger and a Super Charger

Both of these engine styles use a complex operating system that burns fuel faster to create more power. They use a system that takes compressed air and “charges” it up to gain power. The Supercharger directly connects to the engine using a compression pump, likely attached by a belt. But you also get less power and compression when your engine is at a lower RPM. The Turbocharged engine uses your exhaust gasses to generate power. It doesn’t take power directly from the engine, which means it can reach the high level of compression without having your RPMs redlined.

#3 How Often Should I Check My Tire Pressure?

If you opened up your glove compartment and checked your owner’s manual, you’d see that it probably suggests that you check your tire pressure regularly, even as often as you fill up with gas. Now, we understand that may be a bit much, but we feel that checking them once a month is plenty, especially if your vehicle offers Tire Monitoring System technology.

#2 When Should I Change my Transmission Fluid?

The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association recommends you should change your transmission approximately every 50,000 km, or once every two years, depending on what comes first. Regular upkeep on all your fluids is key to maintaining your vehicle. If you’re unsure about whether or not your transmission fluid or anything else needs refilling, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable service advisors.


#1 Premium or Regular Gas?

It’s the question of the ages. Does running premium gas have any effect on your car? The answer is yes. Premium gas offers a higher level of octane than regular gas. Higher Octane gives you a faster compression ratio, which increases performance output and fuel efficiency.


Have any more questions? Come into Alberta Honda today and talk to our knowledgeable staff!

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