2017 Honda Civic Type-R

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?The newest integration of the Civic Type-R just dropped in Paris today at the 2016 Paris Auto show. It`s a drastic change in the looks department, the new Type-R is athletic and sleek in its design. The Type-R series is a bolstered, performance driven version of the Civic model.  A hatchback in build, it`s a performance vehicle that offers track-ready power and precision. It`s a radical shift in how the Civic of years past operates, but it`s something to look forward to for car enthusiast and Honda fans alike.

Every aspect of the 2017 Civic Type-R is designed to influence performance. It`s exterior is a preview of what Civic vehicles will look like going forward, which is the perfect mix of new innovations and a classic mold that has made the Civic one of the most popular vehicles in the entire world. The new Type-R rides lower, with a wider frame compared to previous models, which gives it a stronger base, while also being aerodynamic. It`s got a gorgeous brushed aluminum-effect finish, with a carbon fiber front fascia to finish it off. It looks like a car that`s meant to be driven.

Up front, it proudly brandishes that Honda “H“ emblem, in the center of the front grille, a great accent to a grille that grins at you from the front. The hood offers a centralized air scoop that angles down towards a pair of LED lights that look like a pair of focused eyes, eyes focused clearly on the road ahead.

The carbon fiber trend runs along the sides and to the back of the vehicle where a muscular diffuser sits below the rear fascia. At the back, a pair of read headlights that ride above three tailpipes highlighted in red and below an impeccable wing that slopes along the rear. The Type-R sits atop four of 245-section high performance tires and 20-inch piano black alloy wheels, with just a dash of red accents throughout.

The Type-R is meant to stand out. It`s meant to look and feel like a Honda branded race car. It`s a vehicle that looks the part.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type-R makes its North American debut at the Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show in November. Keep a look out for our review at AlbertaHonda.com.

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