Essential Honda CR-V Accessories

Not a day goes by where an automotive manufacturer doesn't release a "new and improved" take on the compact SUV!," but let's be honest here: the Honda CR-V has been the go-to compact crossover on the market since it first stormed American soil in 1997. Not only does the CR-V offer exceptional performance in all conditions, but it also excels when it comes to urban living. With features like near 90-degree rear door mobility, a standard multi-angle rearview camera, Satellite-Linked Navigation System™, and more, the Honda CR-V makes your weekly commute an absolute breeze. But you didn't buy the CR-V just to play soccer-mommy on the weekend! You bought a CR-V because of that exceptional performance, its take-no-prisoners attitude, and its choice Honda accessories-there's nowhere your CR-V can't take you. Read on, and we'll look at some of the essential Honda CR-V accessories.
CR-V Utility Package

Available in two different versions, the CR-V Utility Package adds even more utility to an SUV already teeming with it. Choose between a Roof Rack and Running Boards, or Roof Rails, Roof Crossbars, and Running Boards, and you can explore the great outdoors until there's nothing left you haven't experienced. Bikes? No problem. Skis? Please. Camping equipment? Don't make us laugh. With either of the CR-V Utility Packages, you'll have easy loading and easier access to all of your gear, no matter the adventure.
CR-V Towing Package
Another package with two options to choose between, the Honda CR-V Towing Packages include a Trailer Hitch, Harness, and your choice between a 1 ⅞" ball, or 2" ball. So what are you bringing along for the adventure? With a 1,500 pound towing capacity on the 2019 Honda CR-V, you've got plenty of options.
CR-V Style Package & Rims
Utility doesn't need to come at the expense of good looks, which is why the Honda CR-V Style Package adds a jolt of style into an already sharp-looking SUV. Chrome Exhaust Pipe Finishers, Front Fender Garnishes, and Interior Panel upgrades take your CR-V to the next level. The Style Package isn't the only way you can add to the look of your CR-V, and with a wide selection of custom wheels designed by Enkei specifically for the CR-V, you're sure to find the right set. Remember, you've still got five workdays in the week-you may as well show off a little in the company lot.

Protection Package
You'll want to take care of all this new gear for your CR-V which means regular trips to the car wash, but that's okay. You won't be handwashing a mid-life crisis, you'll be taking care of an investment-one that will last you a long, long time. But the interior? Well, let Honda take care of that one for you with the CR-V Protection Package. All-Weather Floor Mats, High Wall, and Cargo Trays keep the interior of your CR-V looking fresh, from hikes around showerless campsites to the long and wet Albertan winters.
These are just a few of the available, and dare we say essential, Honda CR-V accessories available at Alberta Honda. You can customize your CR-V to your heart's content, by giving our Parts and Accessories Department a call, or stopping by our Edmonton dealership.