2017 Honda Ridgeline

The future is looking bright. The automotive industry is at a point where innovation and technology is evolving quickly, and in ways we'd never imagined. Each year new and exciting vehicles come on the market. Each respected brand offers up new and exciting vehicles year after year. Some survive, and are not only revered but are remembered, while others fall by the wayside, only to be referenced nostalgically as failures. One vehicle brand refuses to rest on its laurels. It refuses to be forgotten. That brand is Honda.

Honda is no stranger to standing out, and doing things that many would consider against the grain. They are a company that is not afraid to innovate, and clearly one that isn't afraid to try something new.

Honda is one of the most popular vehicle brands in all of Canada. It has earned the respect through years of bringing forth vehicles that impress. It's recognized as one of the most reliable vehicle brands around. That is partly because of its ability to continually impress Honda fans and non-fans alike year after year. It is also due to the fact that it keeps bringing new things to the table, like the 2016 Honda CR-Z. This is exactly why Honda has brought back the Honda Ridgeline.

The Honda Ridgeline, a rough and tumble pickup truck making it's triumphant return to Canada. It's the pickup truck done the Honda way, through efficiency and through innovative technology. It's a truck that is going to change the way Albertans look at the entire genre. Let's take a closer look.


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Interior | Exterior Design

First up, let's take a look at what the interior design of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is like. From the moment you step inside the Ridgeline, you'll notice it is inherently a Honda vehicle. Unlike most Honda vehicles, other than the 2016 Honda Odyssey, the Ridgeline is not a vehicle that is worried about space. It is a spacious and tech heavy design that makes you feel like you're at the helm of a spaceship instead of a pickup truck. At the same time, it's a vehicle that is efficiently designed, with every inch counting, as well as being a vehicle that is supremely comfortable. Now that it's been released It's definitly going to be something to watch out for.

Physically, the Honda Ridgeline feels futuristic and yet at the same time, it's a vehicle that feels so emphatically like a Honda vehicle. It looks and feels like a vehicle that is capable of handling anything.

Looking at the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, it takes the bone structure of a more traditional pickup truck and molds it to fit into something a little more niche, something that stands out. It puts the Honda stamp on a generally tired vehicle class.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is a truck that looks slick, but it also has a high level of utility as well. Its front end smoothly curves to a slightly sloping hood while proudly boasting the Honda "H" emblem. The back box extends out, completing the pickup truck esthetic and dynamic side accents make the vehicle look as though it's in a constant state of motion.

  Towing Weight

5000 lbs

262 LB-FT @ 6500rpm
  Starting At


Trim Comparisons
 Trim Level  
 TransmissionCity / HWY / 100km
3.5 L i-VTEC ENGINE Automatic
9.4 HWY / 13.1 CITY
SPORT3.5 L i-VTEC ENGINE Automatic 9.4 HWY / 13.1 CITY
EX-L3.5 L i-VTEC ENGINE Automatic9.4 HWY / 13.1 CITY
TOURING3.5 L i-VTEC ENGINE Automatic9.4 HWY / 13.1 CITY


This comprehensive system controls the audio and display functions through a smart phone compatible, 7-inch display touchscreen. It's one of the leading pieces of audio technology and one of the most customizable systems available.

Econ Mode

A push-button system that when activated reduces engine and transmission functions to allow for a much lower rate of fuel consumption and thus providing a better fuel economy. It does so without totally diminishing the expert performance that Honda is known for.


HondaLaneWatch is a piece of safety technology that alerts the driver when they begin to drift from one lane to another through a short alarm and sensor on the dash of the vehicle.

Why buy a 2017 Honda Ridgeline?

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is a great induction in the supremely popular mid-size pickup truck vehicle class. It's a vehicle that uses innovations provided by other Honda vehicles and molds them to suit the needs that are required for a truck. It's got the look, it's got the feel, and it's got the performance needed to make a huge splash in the genre. Book a test drive today!

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