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Honda has been at the forefront of creating new and exciting innovations for years.  Whether it be innovation through efficient fuel economy or through the intelligence that each Honda vehicle is designed with, Honda continually impresses year after year.  And in the years to come Honda will continue with this level of innovation.

Here’s just a peak at what they have to offer. 


Econ Mode

Econ Mode is a push button system Honda uses to decrease fuel consumption without inhibiting performance quality.  It does so by using a combination of faster responding transmission and accelerator, to provide a controlled smoothness to your drive. Econ Mode also comes with a display that lets you modern your fuel consumption. 




Intelligent Multi-Information Display” is a fully interactive system with an interface that allows you to customize your drive. It connects to you by being fully compatible with your personal electronics. All models of vehicles that have an integrated backup camera will see the rear-view image displayed through the i-MID’s crystal clear thin film transistor 5-inch LCD display screen.



CVT Transmission

The traditional automatic transmission uses a set of gears to provide different ratios. The more gears, the larger overall ratio spread. This makes for better acceleration times, quieter highway cruising and fuel economy. The CVT transmission operates without physical gears, preferring a belt and pulley system, it has an infinite number of ratios, making it the most fuel-efficient technology under the sun.

CVT Transmission

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Hondalink is an application-based platform that connects you to a world of online content for both inside and outside of your automobile. Compatible with your smart phone, it allows you to have in car access to social media, phone contacts, and even your music. Accessible in all Honda models in Edmonton with the available 7-Inch screen hub.




LaneWatch is a safety system designed to provide a broader and more comprehensive view of your blindspot using a camera to look into parts of the road you can’t typically see in most vehicles. It’s initiated either by button or whenever the right-hand turn signal is engaged. The display can offer a view from up to two lanes to the right of your vehicle and 50 yards behind you.