Creating technology that is both efficient in design as well as highly functional used to be impossible, but in today’s day and age, it has become the norm. Which is why Honda has excelled so quickly in such a cutthroat and fast-moving environment. They have taken that idea and implanted it wherever they can. It helps that they had a leg up, given they had been doing so for decades when designing the Honda civic. But Honda isn’t one to rest on their laurels, they are a vehicle company that is always pushing towards the future. Why is why they create the Honda Fit. 

The 2017 Honda Fit is a prime example of what kind of power there is inefficiency. It may not be the biggest vehicle, but the Fit packs more into its tiny frame than most vehicles do with twice the material. It’s a compact filled with big ideas, ideas driven by Honda’s incredible innovation and world-famous reliability. Let’s take a closer look. 

2017 Fit Interior


It may seem small, but the Honda Fit offers plenty more to offer, both inside and out than just efficient use of space. Its exterior is wrapped in a tight frame that is constructed with equal parts athletics and elegance. It’s got a stout high-arching back end that supplies ample trunk space while keeping the overall length of the vehicle as short as needed. It front end slopes aggressively down to the Honda “H” emblem, that makes the Fit look more threatening than most vehicles its size. It all combines to give off an overall look and feel of something sporty and fun. It pushes so far beyond what is normally thought of when you think of a compact vehicle. 


2017 Fit Exterior

Power & Efficiency

The 2017 Honda fit surprises in many departments, but never more so though when it comes to what’s hidden underneath its hood. The 2017 Fit muscles out 130 Horsepower and 114 ft-lbs of torque out of a 1.5 L 16 valve direct injection DOHC i-VTEC Earth Dreams Engine. While that may not seem like a lot in a vacuum, the Fit’s lightweight body makes it feel quite zippy even at the slightest touch of the gas pedal. It does this while also being one of the most efficient vehicles on the road. With a fuel efficiency rating of 8.1 L/100km City and 6.6 L/100km highway, there’s just nothing quite like it driving in Edmonton. 



2017 Fit Efficiency


Honda branded technology is some of the most recognized tech in the entire auto industry. Honda engines are highly respected and the technology they use is implemented throughout a variety of vehicles. The 2017 Fit comes equipped with a touchscreen display with HondaLink, Apple Carplay, Satellite linked Honda Navigation system, as well as a variety of fantastic audio features. It also comes with some of the industry’s best safety features like the Honda exclusive Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, Honda Lanewatch System, and the Blind Sport Information system. The 2017 Honda fit may be small in stature, but it’s a vehicle with big ideas! Stop in to Alberta Honda or book a test drive online today! 



2017 Fit Technology

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