Reliability goes a long way. It’s a character trait that many value above all else. Honda vehicles are reliable. It’s part of what makes them so popular. They create vehicles that not only look and feel special, but they are vehicles you can fall back on. Honda has a vehicle roster that is diverse that all share a unifying theme of being reliable. They are a unique brand that does things their own way.

The 2017 Honda CR-V is a prime example of Honda’s ability to provide reliable vehicles while also giving the consumer something specific. The CR-V is a crossover unlike any other. It combines Honda’s intelligence, which includes their implementation of their famous efficiency, with its ability to provide a comfortable ride you won’t forget. It’s a vehicle that offers the best of both worlds better than any other vehicle can. Let’s take a closer look. 

2017 CR-V Interior


From an outsider’s perspective, the 2017 Honda CR-V does not look like anything else on the road. It’s a crossover that is equal parts athletic design and elegance. It’s a stocky, muscular vehicle at the back with and a front end that leans forward like a sprinter about to run a race. It sits atop a set of gorgeous 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels that really cap it all off. On the inside, you’re treated to lavish comfort, and technology that is designed to produce an impeccable ride. There’s also a panoramic sunroof that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as a great way to see the world around you, no matter where you go. 

2017 CR-V Exterior

Power & Efficiency

Honda produces vehicles that are some of the most efficiency vehicles worldwide, but they also produce some of the finest engines in the entire industry. The 2017 CR-V offers 190 Horsepower and 179 ft-lbs of torque out of a 1.5 L, 16-valve Direct Injection DOHC Turbocharged engine. It also offers an in-class best fuel economy. The 2017 CR-V has a fuel efficiency rating of 8.4 L/100km City and 7.0 L/100km Highway. It’s more powerful and more efficiency than anything thing else in its class. There’s nothing quite like the Honda CR-V. 

2017 CR-V Efficiency


Honda has always been on the forefront when it comes to new and exciting technology. They make a concrete effort to not just keep up with current trends, but to constantly stay ahead of the game. The 2017 Honda CR-V comes equipped with a touchscreen display that functions as a hub for a variety of features. The CR-V features Apple Carplay capabilities, Satellite linked Honda Navigation system, as well as a variety of great audio functions. It also comes with some truly handy safety features like the Honda-exclusive Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, Honda Lanewatch System, and the Blind Sport Information system. All this because active with an easily accessible and convenient push button start. The 2017 Honda CR-V is a vehicle that can do it all. Check it out at Alberta Honda or book a test drive today! 

2017 CR-V Technology

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