2017 Honda Accord

Reliability in the automotive industry is often something people take for granted. But at the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what we want out of a vehicle, at least at the most base level? A car that doesn’t break down, one that does what it is supposed to in the way that it is supposed to, and it does so consistently. Whether it be the cheapest used vehicle or the most expensive luxury vehicle, one characteristic you hope for, one that you actively look for, is reliability. If there’s a vehicle company that personifies the idea of being reliable, no one does reliability better than Honda.

Honda vehicles are designed with precision. They are vehicles designed with care. It is with this in mind that Honda has become a company that is constantly innovating, constantly coming up with new and interesting ideas.

Honda is one of the most popular vehicle brands driving anywhere in the world. Over the past three decades, it has steadily crafted a reputation of being one of the most interesting and reliable vehicles on the market. Even just looking at their current slate, which features such standouts as the 2016 Honda Civic, and the All-New 2017 Honda Ridgeline. But one of the unsung heroes of their roster, is the impeccable Honda Accord.

The 2017 Honda Accord is a sleek, athletic sedan that rivals many luxury models in style and with the levels of comfort it provides. It’s a vehicle that is intelligent and stylish, that also offers Honda's world renowned fuel economy. It’s the reliable luxury sedan you’ve been waiting for.

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Interior Design

First up, let’s take a look at what the interior design of the 2017 Honda Accord will be like. Honda vehicles are designed to feel comfortable, while also having plenty of technology embedded throughout. It’s a Honda vehicle that is designed to be spacious as well as stylish. It’s a vehicle designed to make you feel like you’re driving something that was made just for you. It’s a vehicle designed with nothing wasted. Down to the positioning of the wheel and seating, or where and how technology is implemented. Every aspect of the Accord boils down to how you can better enjoy your drive while you are inside, whether that be in the passenger or driver’s seat.

Physically speaking, the Honda Accord feels intelligent, and yet with a high level of comfort embedded throughout. It very much feels like a Honda vehicle. A vehicle you can rely on.  

When it comes to creating a vehicle that feels exciting, a vehicle you’ll want to drive. Few do that better than Honda. While Honda isn`t typically a brand known for its lavish interior, the amount of luxury on display here is staggering. The 2017 Honda Accord feels closer to a limo ride than your typical sedan, while also being one of the most customizable vehicles available in Edmonton. 

1466 lbs
181 LB-FT @ 6500rpm

Exterior Design

Looking at the 2017 Honda Accord from an exterior perspective, it’s clear that this is a vehicle that was designed with a delicate hand. It’s a carefully crafted piece of athletic machinery that looks and feels like a Honda vehicle, while also feeling unique in its own right. 

The Accord has always been a fine looking automobile. The 2017 model continues this trend, and does so by adding a few new things to its look. It gets a new set of wheels, as well as chrome trim perfectly accentuates this bold profile. It’s a vehicle that will be turning heads, that’s for sure.




This comprehensive system controls the audio and display functions through a smart phone compatible, 7-inch display touchscreen. It’s one of the leading pieces of audio technology and one of the most customizable systems available. 


Econ Mode

A push-button system that when activated reduces engine and transmission functions to allow for a much lower rate of fuel conception and thus better fuel economy. It does so without totally diminishing the expert performance that Honda is known for. 



A piece of safety technology that alerts the driver when they begin to drift from one lane to another through a short alarm and sensor on the dash of the vehicle. 


Why buy a 2017 Honda Accord?

The 2017 Honda Accord has arrived at Alberta Honda. It’s a sporty sedan that rivals any luxury vehicle on the road. It also offers a level of fuel economy and reliability that other vehicles simple cannot match. It’s got an interior that is both comfortable and filled with exciting technology. It’s a vehicle that never lets you down and never ceases to surprise. Book a test drive today!